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Dank Prison utilizes a 1vs1 System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

1vs1 Info

  • Only one 1vs1 can happen per map at once time. (If the map you want to use is in use you will need to wait for their 1vs1 to end before being able to use it)
  • 1vs1 Requests have a Time Limit of 1 minute to be accepted before 1vs1 invite Expires.
  • 1vs1 Invites cannot be canceled so only send them if you want to actually 1vs1
  • 1vs1 Have a Time Limit of 10 Minutes - After time expires it's considered a Draw.
  • 1vs1 Has Elytra's Disabled
  • You cannot use Commands except Gang Chat commands while inside 1vs1
  • You cannot cancel or end a 1vs1 without someone dying, logging out, or time limit happening.

1vs1 Commands

Command Aliases Description
/1v1 <player> /duel Challenges specified player to a 1vs1
/1v1 <player> <map> /duel Challenges specified player to a 1vs1 on specified map
/spectate /spectator Opens the 1v1 Spectator Menu