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Auction House

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Dank Prison has a Custom Auction House. Our server never resets, so we must regulate the player to player economy very carefully. One of the ways we do that is limit which items can be sold, and how much they sell for.


Each item that can be sold has a set value that you cannot change. To see the value of an item, if it is sellable, you can do /value while the item is in your hand. You can also look at the Dank Prison Price list


There is a 10% tax on everything sold on the AH. This is meant so players can't just pass certain items back and forth like pets

Using the AH

To use Auction House Requires Master 1+

After an item has been on the AH for 2 days, it will expire, and you must collect the item and put it back on.

Each person is able to list 1 item on AH. This amount can increase with donor ranks

Donator Rank Amount of Listings Allowed
Platinum Rank 2 Listings at same time
Dank Rank 3 Listings at same time
OG Rank 4 Listings at same time
MasterOG Rank 5 Listings at same time
Immortal Rank 6 Listings at same time

Auction House / AuctionHouse / AH Commands

Command Aliases Description
/ah /dankauctions, /dankah Opens the Auction House Menu
/ah sell Lists currently held item for sale in the Auction House
/value Displays Current Sell Value of held item for your Rank
/plist Displays Link for the Auction House Price List
/pah <player> Opens specified player's Private Auction House
/pah sell Lists currently held item for sale in your Private Auction House
/pah add <player> Add's a player to your Private Auction House List giving them Access to your Private Auction House
/pah remove <player> Removes a player from your Private Auction House List
/pah list Lists all Player Currently on your Private Auction House Access List
/pah clear Removes all players on your Private Auction House List