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Crate BackPack

Dank Prison utilizes a custom BackPack System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Crate BackPack Full Example.png
Crate BackPack Settings Menu.png

Crate BackPack Info

  • Crate BackPack start out with 36 Slots and can be upgraded by 36 slot per donator tier starting at Elite Rank. Up to 360 Slots at Immortal Rank.
  • Crate BackPack holds majority of crates types (excluding Vote Party Crates, Donation Party Crates, and Event Crates)
  • CBP has a unqiue feature of pulling Crates from CBP if you Shift + click in Air with an empty hand.(Crate Pulling Prioritizes Crates in alternating order between smallest Token and Item Crate Tiers lowest to highest)
  • CBP Only Deposits Crates selected in your /cbpsettings when Enabled.
  • CBP Has a unique Feature to act as a Crate OverFlow to prevent crate loss when Inventory has become Full as long as your CBP is also not full.
  • CBP Has the ability to Upgrade all Crates in VBP to the next Tier using the Upgrade button in the corner of the menu (3 second cooldown)
  • CBP has the ability to Open all crates using the Open button in the bottom of the menu.


Command Aliases Description
/cratebackpack /cbp Opens your Crate BackPack
/cbpsettings Opens Crate BackPack Settings Menu

Increase Crate BackPack Size

  • Elite Rank increases size to 72 Slots
  • Legendary Rank increases size to 108 Slots
  • Platinum Rank increases size to 144 Slots
  • Dank Rank increases size to 180 Slots
  • UltraDank Rank increases size to 216 Slots
  • OG Rank increases size to 252 Slots
  • UltraOG Rank increases size to 288 Slots
  • MasterOG Rank increases size to 324 Slots
  • Immortal Rank increases size to 360 Slots