Gang Outpost Boosters

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Gang OutPost Boosters

Gang Outposts Boosters Menu.png
SouthKeep Gang OutPost Booster.png

Dank Prison utilizes a custom Gang System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Gang OutPost Boosters Info

  • Gang Leaders, Co-Leaders and Elders can use Gang Bank Gems and Emblems to buy Gang OutPost Boosters
  • There are 7 purchasable OutPost Boosters that you can buy in 1hr increments for 50 Gems / Emblems
  • Entire Gang benefits from Gang Perks

Gang OutPost Boosters Perks

OutPost Description
SouthKeep OutPost 10% Chance to receive double Tokens from Crates
NorthKeep OutPost 10% Chance to receive double Crates
Pinnacle OutPost +1 Token Per Block Mined
TownSquare OutPost 100% for 1 Extra Fish 20% for another extra fish, 20% for another extra fish
Volcano OutPost 10% chance to double all Key Types from Mining
ThePit OutPost 5% increase chance to Mine and Fish Keys
CastleRock OutPost 5% increase chance to Mine and Fish Crates

Gang OutPost Boosters Commands

Command Description
/gang deposit <amount> <gems/emblems> Allows you to deposit specified amount of Gems or Emblems into the Gang Bank
/gang boost Opens Gang Outpost Boosters Menu