Lucky Blocks

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Lucky Blocks

Lucky Blocks are items that can be found by mining or fishing. Lucky Blocks contain a variety of prizes, and can be upgraded to Lucky Block+ for even better prizes.

How To Make Lucky Block+

  • You can Manually upgrade 4x Lucky Blocks to 1x Lucky Block+ by inputting 4x Lucky blocks into your 2x2 crafting table in your inventory.

Lucky Blocks

Item Chance
Pure Token Crate 6.66%
Ultra Pure token Crate 6.66%
Token Multiplier Crate 6.66%
Multiplier Crate 6.66%
Pure crate 6.66%
Ultra Pure crate 6.66%
2x Prestige keys 6.66%
1x Prestige+ key 6.66%
3x Mine+ keys 6.66%
3x Ultramine+ keys 6.66%
Wheel of Fortune Spin 6.66%
Plinko attempt 6.66%
3x Wheel of Fortune spin 6.66%
3x Plinko attempt 6.66%
2x slots spins 6.66%

Lucky Block+

Item Chance
Dank token crate 4%
Ultra dank token crate 4%
2x dank token crate 4%
10x multiplier crate 4%
10x token multiplier crate 4%
Dank crate 4%
Ultra dank crate 4%
2x dank crate 4%
3x dank crate 4%
3x dank token crate 4%
5x Ultra pure crate 4%
3x Ultra pure crate 4%
5x Ultra pure token crate 4%
3x Ultra pure token crate 4%
5x prestige keys 4%
3x prestige+ keys 4%
3x ultramine keys 4%
3x ultramine+ keys 4%
Master+ key 4%
Master key 4%
3x Wheel of Fortune spins 4%
3x Plinkoattempts 4%
5x Wheel of Fortune spins 4%
5x Plinko attempt 4%
4x slots spins 4%