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Dank Prison utilizes a custom Ranking System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Ranks Info

  • Currently Max obtainable rank is K1
  • K1 is Achieved by reaching C100 Rank and using /knight
  • C1 is Achieved by reaching M100 Rank and using /champion
  • M1 is Achieved by reaching P100 Rank and using /master
  • P1 is Achieved by reaching Free Rank and using /prestige


Command Aliases Description
/rankup Ranks you up 1 A-Free Rank
/prestige Ranks you up 1 Prestige Rank
/master Ranks you up 1 Master Rank
/champion Ranks you up 1 Champion Rank
/knight Ranks you up 1 Knight Rank
/ranks /rank, /ranklist Displays Rank Cost for Rank A-Prestige
/rank Displays your current Rank in chat.
/rankcost <startrank> <endrank> /rc Tells you amount of money required to get to Set Rank.
/cmaxrank /cmr Calculates what Rank you can get using all your current money.
/maxrank /mr, /rankupmax, /mru Ranks you up as far as possible.