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Dank Prison utilizes a custom Referral System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.
Referrals is an reward system for bringing new players to the server.
Simply provide your referral code to a new player that has never joined the server before and have them use the referral code using /redeem <referral code> and you both get 10x event crates.

Referral Info

  • To create a Referral code you simply need to run /referral and it will display your code. The code never changes once assigned to you. No one else can have the same code as you
  • Each player who uses your Referral code provides you with 10x event crates per person.
  • For someone to redeem your Referral code they need to be a new player to Dank Prison and have under 1hr PlayTime.

Referral Rules

  • Attempting to use alts to redeem your own Referrals is punishable.
  • Listing your Referral code in discord or In-Game Chat is against rules. (You are allowed to post in other places like in Youtube Videos)

Referral Commands

Command Description
/referral Gives you a referral code you can give to new players
/redeem <referral code> Command used by new players to redeem someones referral code