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Dank Prison is all about statistics and keeping track of them.

Our statistics keep track of many things including:

  • Blocks Mined
  • Fish Caught
  • Lucky Blocks / Lucky Block+ opened
  • LPB/LPB+ opened
  • Auto Miner stats
  • Dragon Eggs opened [Including each rarity]
  • Crates opened [Including each rarity]
  • Salvaged Items [Including each rarity]
  • Keys opened [Including each rarity]
  • Event Crates opened [Including each rarity]
  • Blocks Mined in each ranked mine [A-Free, P1, P5, P10, P25, P50, P75, M1, M5, M10, M15, M25, M50, Donator Mines, Dragon Lair and Dragon Lair Plus].


Command Alias Use
/statistics /stats This shows your individual statistics on the server.
/statistics [player] /stats [player] This shows someone else's statistics on the server.