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Dank Prison has dozens of different tags that you can unlock!

These tags are divided up into 11 different categories


Mining Tags

Mining Tags.png
Unlock Condition Name
Mine 10k blocks 10kMined
Mine 100k blocks 100kClub
Mine 250k blocks 250kClub
Mine 500k blocks 500kClub
Mine 1M blocks Addicted
Mine 2.5M blocks Insane
Mine 5M blocks KingPin
Mine 10M blocks MasterMined
Mine 25M blocks GrandMaster
Mine 50M blocks DemiGod
Mine 75M blocks God
Mine 100M blocks Idol
Mine 150M blocks Divinity
Mine 200M blocks Enlightenment
Mine 300M blocks Habit
Mine 400M blocks Beast
Mine 750M blocks Angel
Mine 1B blocks Billionaire
Mine 1m blocks in all mines (1-free, p1-p74, m1-m50) The Insane
Mine 2.5m blocks in all mines (1-free, p1-p74, m1-m50) The Lunatic
Mine 5m blocks in all mines (1-free, p1-p74, m1-m50) The Whacko

Play Time Tags

Playtime tags.png
Unlock Condition Name
1 hour playtime Lounger
10 hours playtime Part-Time
1 day playtime Lingerer
40 hours playtime Full-Time
3 days playtime Loafer
5 days playtime Idler
7 days playtime Loiterer
10 days playtime Procrastinator
20 days playtime Lagger
30 days playtime Hardened
50 days playtime Veteran

Fishing Tags

Fishing tags.png
Unlock condition Name
10 fish Fisher
100 fish Fisherman
1k fish Trawler
2.5k fish Angler
5k fish Pufferfish
10k fish Chum
20k fish Bobber
35k fish Keeper
50k fish Attractant
100k fish Bait
200k fish Inducer
300k fish Decoy
420k fish 420k
750k fish Salty
1M fish Hooker
2M fish MasterBaiter
3M fish ChampBaiter
5M fish KnightBaiter
7.5M fish KingBaiter
10M fish MobyDick

Money Tags

Money tags.png
Current Balance
Unlock Condition Name
1B+ Investor
10B+ Capitalist
100B+ Banker
1T+ Trillionaire
100T+ Throwing100's
1Qd+ Quadrillionaire
100Qd+ Economist
1Qt+ Quintillionaire
10Qt+ ElonMusk

PvP Tags

PvP tags.png
Unlock Condition Name
Open 15 Convoys Convoy
Open 50 Convoys 50Convoy
Open 150 Convoys 150Convoy
Open 420 Convoys 420Convoy
Open 15 Convoy+ Convoy+
Open 50 Convoy+ 50Convoy+
Open 150 Convoy+ 150Convoy+
Open 420 Convoy+ 420Convoy+

Event Tags

Event tags.png
Unlock Condition Name
Open 15 Spooky Crates Spooky
Open 100 Pilgrim Crates Pilgrim
Open 25 Thanksgiving Crates Thanksgiving
Open 5 Christmas Crates Christmas
Open 10 Christmas crates Ho-Ho-Ho
Open 25 Christmas crates Santa's Helper
Open 5 Valentine crates Valentines
Open 15 Valentine crates Be-Mine
Open 5 Cupids flowers Cupid
Open 15 Cupids flowers LoveStruck
Open 25 Saint Patrick crates Shamrock
Open 50 Saint Patrick Crates St.Patrick
Open 10 Leprechaun crates Sneaky
Open 50 Fool's crates Fool
Open 150 Fool's crates Dupe
Open 5 AprilFool's crates AprilFools
Open 15 AprilFool's crates Deceiver
Open 50 Easter eggs Egg
Open 150 Easter eggs Saint
Open 5 Easter crates Easter
Open 15 Easter crates Holy
Open 50 PricklyPear Cactus Prickly
Open 150 PricklyPear Cactus Thorny
Open 5 Magical Cactus Cactus
Open 15 Magical Cactus CincoDeMayo
Open 25 Magical Cactus Magical
Open 50 Flower Bouquet Lily
Open 250 Flower Bouquet Poisonous
Open 15 Mothers Day crates Mother
Open 25 Mothers Day crates Sunday
Open 50 Memorial Bouquet Patriotic
Open 250 Memorial Bouquet Courageous
Open 15 Memorial Crates Noble
Open 25 Memorial Crates Memorial
Open 50 Fathers Day crates Dependable
Open 250 Fathers Day crates Father
Open 15 Dedicated crates Devoted
Open 25 Dedicated crates Dedicated
Open 50 Freedom Rockets Rocketeer
Open 250 Freedom Rockets Freedom
Open 15 Freedom crates Proud
Open 25 Freedom crates America
Open 50 School Crates Education
Open 250 School Crates School
Open 15 Back to School crates Institution
Open 25 Back to School Crates BackToSchool
Open 250 Spooky Crates Haunted

Pet Tags

Pet tags.png
Unlock Condition Name
Have 1 pet Gotem
Have 5 pets Collector
Have 10 Pets Hunter
Have 15 Pets SlaveDriver
Have 20 Pets SweatShop
Have 25 Pets CatchEmAll
Have 30 Pets ZooKeeper
Have 50 Pets Between Pet BackPack and Inventory. ZooTycoon
Have 75 Pets Between Pet BackPack and Inventory. PetHoarder
Have 100 Pets Between Pet BackPack and Inventory. PetBreeder

Voting Tags

Vote tags.png
Unlock Condition Name
Vote 10 times Voted
Vote 25 times Voter
Vote 50 times TaxPayer
Vote 100 times Supporter
Vote 250 times Advocate
Vote 500 times NutCase
Vote 1,000 times Lunatic
Vote 2,500 times Psycho
Vote 5,000 times FruitCake

Crate Tags

Crate tags.png
Unlock Condition Name
Open OG crate OG
Open UOG Crate UltraOG
Open MOG Crate MasterOG
Open Immortal Crate Immortal
Open The Dankest Crate The-Dankest

GodSet Tags

Godset tags.png
Unlock Condition Name
Wear 9lb hammer set 9lbHammer
Wear Purple Urkle set PurpleUrkle
Wear Blue Dream set BlueDream
Wear Tahoe OG set TahoeOG
Wear Grape Ape set GrapeApe
Wear Nether OG set NetherOG

Miscellaneous Tags

Misc tags.png
Unlock Condition Name
Current 100x sell multi Amplified
Current 100% sell multi Overloaded
Gang Tag Your gang name
Open 250 Lucky Blocks LuckyBlock
Open 250 Lucky Block+ LuckyBlock+
Open 15 Lucky Pet Blocks LuckyPetBlock
Open 15 Lucky Pet Block+ LuckyPetBlock+
Get Bankrupt on WOF Bankrupt
Get Bankrupt using 10 WOF at once Broke
Get Bankrupt using 25 WOF at once Insolvent
Get Bankrupt using 50 WOF at once Chapter11
Be a noob Nub
Link your discord Verified
Complete Every Achievements OverAchiever
Be a nitro booster Nitro
Be Top donor at the end of the month TopDonator
Refer 10 new players Referral
Refer 25 new players Referee
Participate in Youtube Event. See discord for info Youtube

Monthly Tags

Monthly tags can only be earned for 1 month. To earn it for the next month, you must remain number 1 in the respective categories.

Caption text
Unlock Condition Name
#1 on Monthly crates opened leaderboard The Crate Hoarder
#1 on Monthly fish caught leaderboard The Nightcrawler
#1 on Monthly items salvaged leaderboard The Recycler
#1 on Monthly keys opened leaderboard The Boobytrap
#1 on Monthly play time leaderboard The Addict
#1 on Monthly blocks mined leaderboard The Exterminator
#1 on Monthly Donation Party leaderboard The Donk

Custom Tags

If you have the Ultra Dank Donator Rank or higher, you can create custom tags with the /settag command. These tags can be any color, any combination, as long as it is appropriate. They have a limit of 13 characters.

Custom tag 1.png