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Owner: Dank420Girl

About Me

I've been developing Websites and various other things for over 15+ Years. I started out creating websites at 13 for my Guilds in World of Warcraft and Fly For Fun. A tiny bit later on I eventually got into coding bots for Runescape and a few other not very popular games.

How I got involved with Coding for Minecraft

  • I originally hated Minecraft and refused to play it because I believed it to be a childrens game.
  • My BF at the time (Now ex-BF) bought me Minecraft for my birthday back in 2015.
  • I refused to play it for like a month until my BF at the time got me to play it for the first time
  • Once I experienced Minecraft for the first time and saw people could make servers for them I was hooked.
  • Within a week I was already creating creating my first server HazyCraft I had no clue what I was doing all I know is I wanted to make a server.
  • I spent all my money every month from my job to buy new plugins (Before I got into Coding)
  • I quickly realized using other peoples plugins didn't create the effect I wanted for my Server HazyCraft.
  • So I took my past coding experience and started creating plugins.
  • I had multiple people begging me to create a Prison server because they believed I could make a good Prison Server.
  • So that's exactly what I did and Released Dank Prison Jan 1st, 2018

My Previous Jobs

  • 1.) I worked in Asbestos, Lead, Mold and Hazardous Waste Removal for over 5 years. (Wearing full Hazmat Paper Suit and Respirator)
  • 2.) I worked for a website development company for 6 months
  • 3.) I worked in Tile and Granite Installations for over 1 year.
  • 4.) I worked for one of the largest TV media companies in the world for over 2 years.