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Owner: Dank420Girl
Game: Minecraft
Gamemodes: Prison
Opening Date: Jan 1, 2018


Dank Prison is a Minecraft Prison server created by Dank420Girl. Dank Prison started out as a fun project for me to learn how to code better and to create awesome new content for minecraft.
My coding addiction quickly spiraled out of control and I have been creating content every day since then.
Dank Prison is an entirely new breed of Prison server that completely revolutionizes what it means to be a Prison Server.
Take everything you've learned on other prison servers and throw it out the window because it will do you little use in Dank Prison.

Getting started

Don't know where to start?
Read our How to Play Guide

Some of the server features include:

Starting Information
Mining / Crate Information
Fishing / Key Information
Little Bit of Everything
Items / NPC Information
Gangs Information
PvP Information
Events / Mines
Server Stuff