Lucky Day

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Lucky Day


Lucky Day provides every player with a random Key / Crate or Relic / Artifact (with /s luckyday for relics and /s luckydayartifact for artifacts) Chance Increase which will increase the base chance while mining or fishing.

Lucky Day Info

  • Bonuses range from 5-20%.
  • Lucky Day works with awakenings and other bonuses.
  • At 00:00 /servertime everyone's daily bonus will be re-rolled.
  • You can view your luckyday bonus by typing /luckyday or /ld in game.

Lucky Day Re-Roll

  • Re-rolling can be done with any Donator Ranks. Higher the rank, the more frequently you can re-roll per week.
  • Our Store has purchasable LuckyDay Reroll Scrolls.


Command Description
/ld View your Lucky Day Bonus
/ldreroll Reroll your Lucky Day Bonus
/s ldrelic Adds possibility for Relic Lucky Day Chances
/s ldartifact Adds possibility for Artifact Lucky Day Chances