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Random Pickaxe Artifact.png

Artifacts are powerful items that give a permanent bonus when applied to a pickaxe.

Artifacts Info

  • Artifacts Max Level Cap is 15% if you are under Champion 1
  • Artifacts Max Level Cap is 100% after C1+ Rank
  • Artifacts Max Level Cap of HardCore Mode is (15+(5*HardCore Level))%

Removing Artifacts

Types of Artifacts

  • Sell Artifact (Fishing Rod): adds a 2% sell bonus to your fishing rod
  • Sell Artifact (Pickaxe): adds a 1% sell bonus to your pick.
  • Token Artifact: adds a 1% token bonus to your pick
  • Lucky Block Artifact: adds a 1% increased chance to find Lucky Blocks
  • Lucky Block+ Artifact: adds a 1% increased chance to find Lucky Block+

How to Obtain

  • Artifacts can be found from Mining, Fishing, Auto Miner, and OverDrive
  • Daily Bonus Day 25 Prize awards a Random Artifact
  • You can buy a Random Artifact for 150 Vote Points from the Vote Rewards Menu /vr which can be earned from /voting for the server
  • Artifacts can also be achieved by completing the the last row of each achievement category. You will receive one random Artifact starting at the first achievement on the bottom row and every other 2 achievements after that.

Artifact Salvaging

Once you have reached the max of 100 artifacts on a pickaxe, you can salvage artifacts for Artifact Powder. You can do this by placing any artifacts you don't want into the 2x2 crafting in your inventory. Once you have artifact powder, you can trade it with David at spawn for whichever artifact you want. You can also buy the depth enchant with Artifact Powder


Depth is a special Custom Enchant only available after you get to C1, and can only be bought with Artifact Powder at David in Spawn. Each level of depth adds another layer to lazer.


  1. 150 Artifact Powder
  2. 250 Artifact Powder
  3. 500 Artifact Powder
  4. 750 Artifact Powder
  5. 1000 Artifact Powder