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Dank Prison utilizes a custom Gang System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Gang Info

  • Joining a gang is quick and easy using /g openings (You will want to join the highest level gang available for bonuses)
  • Gangs Provide Massive bonuses that you can only get while being in a Gang. Being in a Gang is crucial for Success.
  • Gangs can have a Max Level of 60. You can increase your gang level by completing Gang Achievements listed in /g ach. (5 Gang Achievements = 1 Level)
  • Gangs can have up to 12 members.
  • Gang names must be between 4 and 13 characters in length.
  • Outposts can be capture in /pvp to boost your entire gang with a bonus viewable in /g o.
  • Gang Outpost Boosters can be purchased to provide bonuses for the entire gang without needing to capture outposts viewable in /g p.
  • Gang Perks can be purchased to provide bonuses for the entire gang viewable in /g p.
  • Your Gang Level provides you with massive bonuses viewable in /g s.
  • You get automatically removed from your gang after not logging in for 30+ days.
  • Gang Bases can be created when Gang gets to Level 5.
  • Gangs can have multiple Co-Leaders & Elders.

Gang Ranks Info

  • Elder- This rank can be granted by the Leader and Co-Leader of the gang, Elders can buy outposts and invite new players.
  • Co-Leader - This rank can be granted by the Leader of the gang to another member of their gang, Co-Leaders have pretty similar permissions to the Leader except from the obvious /g disband and giving themselves leadership.
  • Leader - This is the rank granted to an Owner of a gang, they have all permissions that are involved with gangs.

Gang Commands

Command Description
/gang Opens your Gang Menu if your in a Gang
/gang create <name> Creates a Gang with specified Name. Requires Master 1+ or higher to create a Gang
/whoisgangless [/wig] Displays a current list of all online players who are Gangless
/gang invite <player> Invites a player to your Gang (Requires Leader, Co-Leader, Elder Gang Ranks)
/gang password <password> Allows you to set a Gang Password allowing people to join your gang using password you set (Requires Leader, Co-Leader)
/gang password clear Allows you to Disable your Clear Gang Password forcing players to require an Gang Invite to join your Gang (Requires Leader, Co-Leader)
/gang join <gang> <password optional> Allows you to join specified Gang that has a join password if it matches then you can instantly join specified Gang. If gang does not have a password set then it does not need to be supplied.
/gang open Opens your Gang up so anyone can join it using /gang openings (Requires Leader, Co-Leader)
/gang close Closes your Gang so players cannot join using /gang openings (Requires Leader, Co-Leader)
/gang openings Allows you to view Open Gangs (Not usable while in a gang)
/gang block <player> Allows you to Block a player being able to Join your Gang. (Requires Leader, Co-Leader)
/gang unblock <player> Allows you to Unblock a blocked player from Joining your Gang. (Requires Leader, Co-Leader)
/gang blocklist Displays the current players current on your Gang Join Block List.
/gang transfer <player> Allows you to Transfer Leadership of current Gang (Requires Leader)
/gang kick <player> Kicks specified player from your Gang (Requires Leader, Co-Leader Gang Ranks)
/gang promote <player> Promotes specified player in your Gang to a High Rank (Requires Leader, Co-Leader) (You cannot promote someone to a High Rank or an Equal Rank to you.) (Promoting overwrites current player in the position if one exists.)
/gang demote <player> Demoted specified player in your Gang to a Lower Rank (Requires Leader, Co-Leader) (Demoting overwrites current player in the position if one exists.)
/gang deposit <amount> Allows you to deposit specified amount of Money into the Gang Bank (Used for Buying Gang Perks)
/gang deposit <amount> <gems/emblems> Allows you to deposit specified amount of Gems or Emblems into the Gang Bank (Used for Buying Gang Outpost Boosters)
/gang boost Opens Gang Outpost Boosters Menu
/gang ach Displays your Gang Achievement Progress
/gang outpost Opens Gang Outpost Menu
/gang perks Opens your Gang Perks Menu
/gang leave Allows you to leave current Gang
/gang disband Kicks everyone from Gang and Disbands it. (Requires Leader)
/gang lookup <player> Displays specified player's current Gang
/gang stats Displays your Gangs Statistics Progress
/gang stats <gang> Displays specified Gangs Statistics Progress
/gang members Displays Members of your Gang
/gang members <gang> Displays Members of Specified Gang
/gang list Displays a List of all Gang Names and Leaders in Dank Prison
/gangchat [/gc, /gchat] Toggles Gang Chat
/gangchat link Links held item into Gang Chat
/outposts [/outpost, /ops] Displays who is in control of Outposts.
/gangtop [/gtop] Top Gang Levels GangTop
/setgangtag <tag> Tags Must include Gang Name with [ ] surrounding it. (Requires Level 20+ Gang)
/g motd <message> Sets a custom MOTD for gang members for the day (Requires Co-Leader+)
/g perms Allows Gang Leaders to set build permissions for gang bases.

Gang Passwords Info

  • Gang Leaders / Co-Leaders can set Gang Passwords which allow people who know the password to join the gang without a Gang Invite.
  • To Apply a new Password, simply reuse /gang password <password>, with a new password.

Gang Bank Info

Gang Openings

  • Gang openings list current gangs that have made their gang open for anyone to join.
  • To view this list if you are not in a gang type /g openings or /g open.
  • Click on the desired gang that you would like to join.
  • If no gangs are shown on the list that means there are currently no gangs that are open or have space to be joined.

Gang OutPost Boosters Info

  • Gang Leaders, Co-Leaders and Elders can use Gang Bank Gems and Emblems to buy Gang OutPost Boosters.
  • There are 7 purchasable OutPost Boosters that you can buy in 1hr increments for 50 Gems / Emblems.
  • Entire Gang benefits from Gang Perks.

Gang OutPost Boosters Perks

OutPost Description
SouthKeep OutPost 10% Chance to receive double Tokens from Crates
NorthKeep OutPost 10% Chance to receive double Crates
Pinnacle OutPost +1 Token Per Block Mined
TownSquare OutPost 100% for 1 Extra Fish 20% for another extra fish, 20% for another extra fish
Volcano OutPost 10% chance to double all Key Types from Mining
ThePit OutPost 5% increase chance to Mine and Fish Keys
CastleRock OutPost 5% increase chance to Mine and Fish Crates

Gang Achievements

Gang Achievements Menu.png
Gang Blocks Mined Achievement Menu.png

Gang Achievements Info

  • There are 6 Achievement Categories.
  • There are 50 Achievements in each Achievement Category.
  • Completing a Gang Achievement provides 0.2 Gang Levels Per Achievement Completed.
  • Gangs have a Max Level of 60!

Gang Achievements Categories

  • Blocks Mined
  • Crates Opened
  • Keys Used
  • Items Salvaged
  • Play Time
  • Fish Caught