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Once you enter Dank Prison, mining is your biggest source of income. There are several different aspects to mining. First, you will need to know what Mines you have access to. You will always want to be mining in the best mine you have, so that you are making the most money.

Warping to Mines

Command Description
/warp Opens the Mines Warp Menu
/warp mines Takes you to Mines Sell Value Hologram in Spawn
/warp <mine> Allows you to Preview a Mine without having Access (Moving will instantly kick you from Region if your not allowed. Stand Still to preview mines.)

Mine Resetting

You reset them when you want to using /rm Mines do not automatically reset.

Reducing Mine Reset Cooldown

  • Mine Reset Talents in /tal.
  • Mine Reset Pet
  • Donator Ranks

Private Mine Resetting info

  • Every Private Mine you own adds 2 seconds to your overall Reset Mine Cool Down that cannot be reduced or bypassed. This is to prevent people with large amounts of private mines from lagging mine resets by resetting massive mines every 15 seconds.

Right-Click binding

  • Using the command /s resetmine will swap your Right-Click button from opening our enchant menu to running the above command.


Command Description
/rm Resets mine of area you are in.


While mining, you will be getting dozens of crates. Most of these are useless, and not worth opening, which is why Crate Upgrading is a very important part of the server. You can do this manually by putting 4 of the same crate in the 2x2 crafting grid, or you can get the Crate Upgrader Custom Enchant which will do it automatically for you.


While mining, you can also get many different keys. These keys only give tokens, Multipliers, or other Keys. You can open these at /keys. Alternatively, you can use our Key BackPack system with /kbp. This is super useful for not only Storing your keys, but also opening them in Bulk.

Other Items

There are many other items you can get from mining. These include:

  1. Port Keys
  2. Artifacts
  3. Gems
  4. Convoy Flares
  5. Soul Stones
  6. Momentum Pages
  7. Money Booster
  8. Lucky Pet Blocks
  9. Fishing Lure
  10. Fishing Bait
  11. Lucky Blocks
  12. Event Crates

Mining Bonuses

Mine Booster

Mine Booster is a custom Game Mechanic created specifically for Dank Prison

How to Obtain

Mine Booster Info

  • Mine Booster increases base sell value while in the Mines by 50% (Excluding NM, NM+, and DL+)
  • Mine Booster is also used in Private Mines to boost base sell value; however this does not use up Mine Booster time

Mine Booster Commands

Command Aliases Description
/booster /booster Displays your Mine Booster Time
/booster <player> /booster Displays specified players Mine Booster Time
/boosterconvert /bconvert Converts all but 1 second of Mine Booster Time into Tokens

Personal Booster

A Personal booster is an item that can be found while Mining. This item allows you to earn 2x money while activated.


Personal Boosters comes in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 minute increments. Once activated, the boost will start counting down, which is viewable on Scoreboard 1 or through the command /mb. The timer on your money booster will not count down while you are offline. Multiple money boosters of the same value can be applied at the same time by shift right clicking with the stack in your hand. Additionally, you are able to apply as much time as you have by simply right clicking any money booster, regardless of time value. A money booster will boost all money income from mining aside from enchants that give a fixed amount of money. Excluded enchants include: Random Money, Lucky Money, Master Money, and Champion Money.

  • Personal booster stacks with the Frenzy enchant. Additionally, it also stacks with Champion Frenzy, as well as bonuses from wearing the Nether-OG set in the NetherMine and the NetherMine+, obtained from Nether-OG Dragon Eggs. Combining all of these factors will result in an incredible money yield for the player, and many Champion rank players always have a few Money Boosters on standby for this reason.
Money booster.png
Person booster.png


Command What it does
/personalbooster, /mb Displays how much Active Personal Booster Time you have remaining

Champion Auto Rankup


  • Auto Rankup Requires Champion Rank to use as it utilizes RandomRankup, and RandomPrestige Enchants.

Auto Rankup Info

  • Auto Rankup allows you to set commands that will execute when a certain trigger happens.

Auto Rankup Settings Info

  • There's 2 sets of Triggers you can set.
  • Set 1 When RandomRankup Enchant triggers a Prestige.
  • Set 2 When RandomRankup or RandomPrestige Enchant triggers a Master.


Command Description
/ar Opens the Auto Rankup Settings Menu
/ar prestige <B-Z> Allows you to enter the rank you want the Trigger to Execute IE (/ar prestige Y)
/ar master <amount> Allows you to enter the amount of rankups you want MaxRankup to execute on Trigger IE (/mr 4250) for 4250 rankups
/ar master <amount> money Allows you to enter the amount of money you want MaxRankup to use on Trigger IE (/mr 99999999) for using 99,999,999 money