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Creating a Private Mine Requires C1, Dank Rank, or higher.

Private Mines Info

  • Private Mines are 75x75x5 in Size (You can combine multiple Private Mines to extend mine.)
  • Private Mines are obtainable via:
  1. Completing all 4 pages of /tasks
  2. Unlocking "The Whacko" tag
  3. Obtaining C1+
  4. Purchasing at the Store
  • Private Mines requires Dank Rank or C1+ rank to use.
  • You can have a Max of 100 Private Mines Total
  • Private Mines are retained during Name Changes
  • 5 second cooldown per PrivateMine to reset PrivateMine (Uneffected by Donation and Pet Cooldown Reductions) Meaning if you have 1 Private Mine you now have a 2 second increased Reset Mine cooldown for resetting PrivateMine. If you have 50 Private Mines, that adds 100 seconds to your Mine Reset cooldown.

Private Mines Commands

Command Description
/spm Setup Private Mine
/pm info Shows you how many Private mines you can claim.
/pm expand Allows you to Expand Private Mines if you have Unclaimed Mines
/pm sethome Allows you to set a new teleport home location for your Private Mine
/pm visit <player> Allows you to visit another players PrivateMine
/pm Teleports you to your PrivateMine
/rm dlp Resets private DragonLair+ Mine (Requires TheMostDankest rank or higher)