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Dank Prison offers many different scoreboards. These scoreboards will appear on the right side of your screen, and will diplay lots of useful information, depending on what you'd like to see. While there are no custom scoreboards, there is undoubtedly a scoreboard available to meet the needs of any player.

Scoreboard 1

Scoreboard 1 is the default when logging onto the server. It will display useful information, and provides just about everything a new player would need starting out.

Scoreboard 1 (/sb 1)

Scoreboard 2

Scoreboard 2 is designed to be used while fishing. It displays useful information such as how much Fishing Bait or Fishing Attractant time you have left.

Scoreboard 2 (/sb 2)

Scoreboard 3

Scoreboard 3 is the scoreboard that is used by most Champion players. It will show you your current rank in real time, as well as show you how close you are to hitting your /goals, among other things. During Champion Frenzy VoteParty changes to Champion Frenzy time.

Scoreboard 3 (/sb 3)

Scoreboard 4

Scoreboard 4 is designed for PvP. This scoreboard is minimalistic in style, and features a Convoy timer, a Soulstone timer, and a combat tag timer.

Scoreboard 4 (/sb 4)

Scoreboard 5

Scoreboard 5 is similar to scoreboard 1, except that the Frenzy, Rampage, and Money Booster timers are replaced with a counter for your current Games (Wheel of Fortune, Slots, Plinko)

Scoreboard 5 (/sb 5)

Scoreboard 6

Scoreboard 6 is the Global Event scoreboard. Aside from the basic stats shown on most scoreboards, it will track the number needed to achieve each global event in real time.

Scoreboard 6 (/sb 6)

Scoreboard 7

Scoreboard 7 is the Auto-Miner scoreboard. It displays the amount of autominer you have, as well as the amount of Crates, Keys among other rewards. It also displays the time needed for the autominer Global Event

Scoreboard 7 (/sb 7)