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The Slots minigame is based on a real life slot machine.


How to Obtain Slot Spins

  • Slots can be earned from the Lucky Slots Pet while Mining, Fishing, AutoMining, or OverDriving.
  • Slots can be earned from Lucky Block, and Lucky Block+.
  • Slots can be earned from Voting using /vote.
  • Slots can be earned from Vote Party, Vote Party+, Donation Party, and Donation Party+ Crates.

Slots Info

  • To start Slots. you must click the button at /w slots. Teleport can be accessed in the /warps menu.
  • With the Immortal Donator Rank, Slots can be started remotely using /slots start <amount>.
  • Slots are simple to use: you spin the slots and can get awesome in game rewards.
  • You get bonus rewards for getting three of the same (non-black) wool types in a row.
  • Having a score of 0-2 means you win nothing; you do not lose items from slots.
  • Your prize will either be Crates, AutoMiner time, DragonLair time, MineBooster time, or Keys. There is also a rare chance to win a Lucky Pet Block.


Command Description
/slots View your Slots balance
/slots <player> View specified players Slots balance
/slots start <amount> Allows you to schedule multiple slots to run one after another (requires Immortal Donator Rank to use)
/w slots Warps you to Slots

Wool Colors

Wool Color Points
Black Wool 0 Points
White Wool 1 Point
Yellow Wool 2 Points
Blue Wool 3 Points
Green Wool 5 Points
Red Wool 7 Points
Pink Wool 10 Points