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Dank Prison utilizes a custom Key System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Key Info

How to Upgrade

  • You can Manually upgrade 4x key to 1x upgraded key by inputting 4x of same lesser keys into your 2x2 crafting table in your inventory.


Command Description
/kw Opens the Key Rewards Menu
/crates Teleports you to Key Opening Area


++ Keys
Keys Upgrades from
Vote++ Key 4x Vote+ Keys
Rankup++ Key 4x Rankup+ Keys
Mine++ Key 4x Mine+ Keys
UltraMine++ Key 4x UltraMine+ Keys
Prestige++ Key 4x Prestige+ Keys
Master++ Key 4x Master+ Keys
Champion++ Key 4x Champion+ Keys
Knight++ Key 4x Knight+ Keys
Royal++ Key 4x Royal+ Keys
+ Keys
Keys Upgrades from
Vote+ Key 4x Vote Keys
Rankup+ Key 4x Rankup Keys
Mine+ Key 4x Mine Keys
UltraMine+ Key 4x UltraMine Keys
Prestige+ Key 4x Prestige Keys
Master+ Key 4x Master Keys
Champion+ Key 4x Champion Keys
Knight+ Key 4x Knight Keys
Royal+ Key 4x Royal Keys
Vote Key
Rankup Key
Mine Key
UltraMine Key
Prestige Key
Master Key
Champion Key
Knight Key
Royal Key