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Once you enter Dank Prison, mining is your biggest source of income. There are several different aspects to mining. First, you will need to know what Mines you have access to. You will always want to be mining in the best mine you have, so that you are making the most money.

Reseting the Mine

To reset a Mine, you can simply run the command /rm. This command does have a cooldown, but it can be reduced with Talents and Pets.

Repairing your pick

If your pickaxe breaks, you can simply run the command /repair. This will cost you 100 tokens, but that is nothing at this point. Or, you can get the Unbreakable Custom Enchant and never have to worry about repairing again. If your pickaxe breaks, don't worry! It will never be destroyed, you just won't be able to mine again until it is repaired.


While mining, you will be getting dozens of crates. Most of these are useless, and not worth opening, which is why Crate Upgrading is a very important part of the server. You can do this manually by putting 4 of the same crate in the 2x2 crafting grid, or you can get the Crate Upgrader Custom Enchant which will do it automatically for you.


While mining, you can also get many different keys. These keys only give tokens, Multipliers, or other Keys. You can open these at /keys.

Other Items

There are many other items you can get from mining. These include:

  1. Port Keys
  2. Artifacts
  3. Gems
  4. Convoy Flares
  5. Soul Stones
  6. Momentum Pages
  7. Money Booster
  8. Lucky Pet Blocks
  9. Fishing Lure
  10. Fishing Bait
  11. Lucky Blocks
  12. Event Crates