Dragon Eggs

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Dragon Eggs

Dragon Eggs are powerful crates. Each egg contains 1 piece of a God Set. There are 8 total god sets, each with 4 pieces. Each god set provides a different bonus when the entire set is worn.

How to Obtain

  • Dragon Eggs can be obtained by Mining, Fishing or Vote Rewards
  • Dragon Eggs can also be achieved by completing the the last row of each achievement category.You will receive one random Dragon Egg starting at the first achievement on the bottom row and every other 2 achievements after that.


Command Description
/gkit Opens the Dragon Egg Rewards Menu
/setbonus Tells you which SetBonus you have active

God Sets

Set bonus's
Set Name Bonus
9lb Hammer 25% chance to mine an extra layer (9 blocks)
GrapeApe 15% chance to catch 1-5 extra fish
PurpleUrkle 10% increased chance to find all crates
BlueDream 10% increased chance to find all keys
SFVOG 10% chance to double crates
TahoeOG 10% chance to double keys
NetherOG 2x Money gained in Nether Mine
DragonsBreath Increases Crate and Key Finding Chances while in DL+ from 30x to 60x


If you find a god set piece that you already have, you can /salvage it to turn it into Dank Dust. From there, you can trade Dank Dust with David at spawn to get an Egg of your choice. It requires 4 Dank Dust per egg.