Dragon Eggs

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Dragon Eggs

Dragon Eggs are powerful crates. Each egg contains 1 piece of a God Set. There are 8 total god sets, each with 4 pieces. Each god set provides a different bonus when the entire set is worn.

How to Obtain

  • Dragon Eggs can be obtained by Mining, Fishing
  • Dragon Eggs can be purchased from the Vote Rewards menu /vr
  • Dragon Eggs can be purchased from RocketJohnny shop in /warp pl
  • Dragon Eggs can be earned by achieving certain Rank Bracket Rewards in /rb
  • Dragon Eggs can be earned from Day 26 Daily Bonus Reward on /db with /s dragonegg setting enabled
  • Dragon Eggs can be earned by completing the the 2nd to last row of each Achievement category in /ach


Command Description
/gkit Opens the Dragon Egg Rewards Menu
/setbonus Tells you which SetBonus you have active

God Sets

Set bonus's
Set Name Bonus
9lb Hammer 25% chance to mine an extra layer (9 blocks)
GrapeApe 15% chance to catch 1-5 extra fish
PurpleUrkle 10% increased chance to find all crates
BlueDream 10% increased chance to find all keys
SFVOG 10% chance to double crates
TahoeOG 10% chance to double keys
NetherOG 2x Money gained in Nether Mine
DragonsBreath Increases Crate and Key Finding Chances while in DL+ from 30x to 60x


If you find a god set piece that you already have, you can /salvage it to turn it into Dank Dust. From there, you can trade Dank Dust with David at spawn to get an Egg of your choice. It requires 4 Dank Dust per egg.