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Dragon Lair+ Mine

The Dragon Lair+ is a special event mine, where you can only mine 2500 blocks per day. Once the event starts the Dragon Lair+ Mine will reset and you will be able to mine the blocks.

Dragon Lair+ Info

  • Every Day a new day has started a hidden random timer will be set for when the Dragon Lair+ Event will start for the day
  • Dragon Lair+ will occur twice in a day (Every 12 hours) but players are still only limited to mining 2500 blocks per day.
  • Dragon Lair+ is only 11 blocks deep, only the fastest people on the server will get to enjoy it's benefits.
  • You can mine a maximum of 2500 blocks per event you will be automatically ejected upon mining 2500 blocks.

Accessing the Dragon Lair+

To access the mine you will have to wait for the event to start, this event start randomly each day.

The portal is located in the Space Ship behind /crates or at /w dlp.

Once you have mined 2500 blocks you will be ejected and won't be able to come back until the next Dragon Lair+ event start.

Private Dragon Lair+ Mines

  • TMD Ranks can now create Personal DL+ Mines.
  • These are attached to the side of your existing Private Mine using /pm dlp.
  • Personal DL+ Mines can only be mined by it's creator and can be reset anytime using /rmdlp or /rm dlp.
  • 2500 Block Limit per day Still applies.
  • This Personal DL+ Mine works exactly like you'd expect from normal DL+.
  • Personal Dragons Lair+ Mines are automatically created upon login if TMD Rank.


  • Crates and Keys Base Chance is increased by 30x.
  • Blocks have a 50x Sell Multiplier.

DragonLair+ Commands

Command Aliases Description
/dragonlairplus /dlp Allows you to see if Dragons Lair+ Event has happened or not for the day.