Nether Mine

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Nether Mine

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The Nether Mine is a special event mine.


To access the Nether Mine, you need a Port Key. When you use your Port Key, you are instantly teleported the the Nether Mine. While in the mine, you will constantly take damage in increasing increments, until you die.

Your goal is to mine as much as you can before dying. Better armor and potions will allow you to survive longer in the Nether Mine

How to Obtain


The Nether Mine has the same sell bonus as Immortal Private Mines, 186%.

In addition, Nether Mine has 20% base chance increase for all items.


You can fish in the Nether Mine as well. There is a pool in the Demon Heart. To get there, simply go straight from spawn, and there will be a 1x2 entrance.

While fishing, there is a 25% chance to double Keys and Crates


Command Aliases Description
/nethermine /nm Displays how long you have been in NM for
/netherminetop /nmtop Displays NetherMine Top LeaderBoard.