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Dank Prison utilizes a custom Auto Miner System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

OverDrive Working.png

OverDrive Info

  • To start OverDrive you must type /od start while inside one of 3 Auto Miner regions which can be accessed in the /warps menu
  • OverDrive is an automated mining task that allows you continue earning stuff within the server while you are AFK doing hopefully other IRL things.
  • OverDrive scales based on your Pickaxe Enchants. More Enchants and Levels the better.
  • OverDrive is a special type of Auto Miner that doubles the % for all rewards found in OverDrive allowing you to potentially find awesome loot faster.
  • You cannot be AFK Kicked while using OverDrive


Command Description
/od Shows your own OverDrive balance
/od <player> Allows you to view OverDrive balance of other Players
/od start Allows you to start OverDrive without clicking the button. (Still requires you to be in the Auto Miner Region)
/od start <amount> Allows set OverDrive to run for specified amount of time. (Still requires you to be in the Auto Miner Region)

How to obtain OverDrive

  • You can earn OverDrive through Mining / Fishing (Requires OverDrive Pet)