Nether Mine+

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Nether Mine+

Nether mine.png
Nether Mine+ Port Key.png

The Nether Mine+ is a special event mine. It works differently than normal Nether Mine.

Nether Mine+ Info

To access the Nether Mine+, you need a Port Key. When you use your Port Key, you are instantly teleported the Nether Mine+.

Nether Mine+ Game Mechanics

  • Only one player can enter the Nether Mine+ World at a time.
  • Upon entering you have a Time Limit of 5 Minutes to mine as much as possible.
  • After 5 Minutes you are ejected from the world and you will need a new NetherMine+ Port Key to go back.

Port Key Info

How to Obtain


  • The Nether Mine+ has the highest sell bonus out of all Mines, except Dragons Lair+
  • Nether Mine+ has 2x increased base chance to find all items.