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Dank prison has custom fishing! Fishing on Dank Prison is just like fishing in vanilla minecraft, but you can get so many more items! These items include Keys, Crates, Port Keys, Artifacts, and so much more!

Fishing Info

  • Fishing is unlocked at M1+ Ranks
  • You can boost the amount of fish you can catch using things like Lure and Bat, Talents, Pets, etc
  • Fishing has a Randomly Generated Fishing Quiz which you must complete periodically to continue fishing.

Fishing Commands

Command Aliases Description
/fishingrod /fr, /fishingpole Gives you a free Fishing Rod
/fish Allows you to see your Fish Caught
/fish <player> Displays specified Players Fish Caught
/bait Displays your Bait Timer
/bait <player> Displays specified Players Bait Timer
/lure Displays your Lure Timer
/lure <player> Displays specified Players Lure Timer
/claimlure /claimlure Claims 1hr of +3 Lure (2hr if Immortal Rank or Higher) (24hr Cooldown) (Requires MasterOG Rank or Higher)
/fishtop /fctop Top Fish Caught Leaderboard
/dailyfishtop /dfc Top Daily Fish Caught Leaderboard
/bestdailyfishtop /bdfc Top Best Daily Fish Caught Leaderboard

Fishing Lure

The lure item is different from the lure Custom Enchant. Lure items come in 4 different varieties:

  • Lure +2 (15 minutes)
  • Lure +2 (30 minutes)
  • Lure +3 (15 minutes)
  • Lure +3 (30 minutes)

This item allows you to add fish to your fish caught per pull.

The MasterOG Donator Rank and the Immortal Donator Rank each give daily lure. MasterOG gets 1 hour of lure every 24 hours, and Immortal gets 2 hours of lure every 24 hours.

Fishing Bait

Bait comes in 2 different varieties:

  • Bait x2 (15 minutes)
  • Bait x2 (30 minutes)

Bait multiplies your fish caught per pull by 2, as opposed to Lure which adds fish.