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Dank Prison has an extensive rule list to keep the server fun and fair for everyone. Failure to follow rules may result in punishments.

Dank Prison employs Common Sense Rules (Dank Prison is aimed at creating a fun environment for all players. Purposely negatively affecting someone else experience is frowned upon)

Dank Prison Rules

Rule # Description
Chat Rules (Chat Rules applies to both in-game and on Discord)

#1.0: Only English is allowed in main chat. (Other languages are allowed in PMs and Gang chat)
#1.1: Do not beg or ask for in-game items. This includes asking players to buy you things from the store, or for in-game events including voting and donation parties.
#1.2: Do not Advertise. (Mentioning other minecraft servers is allowed, just don't advertise them.)
#1.3: Spamming a specific message or character and or multiple messages is not allowed.
#1.4: Bypassing swear filter in any way is not allowed (Swearing is a donor feature).
#1.5: Joking about and/or encouraging others to break the rules is strictly prohibited.
#1.6 Disclosing other players' private information without their permission (doxxing) is not allowed.
#1.7 Do not spread false information.
#1.8: Sharing or use of inappropriate or malicious content is not allowed. This includes explicit content, inappropriate topics, skins, or files.
#1.9: Inappropriate, disrespectful, or harrasive behavior towards staff or players is not allowed.
#1.10: Usage of prejudiced remarks/terms/slurs is not allowed.
#1.11: Intentionally misleading other players to cause confusion is not allowed.
#1.12: Impersonation of staff or other players (including via /nick) is not allowed.
#1.13: Death/Suicide/Self-harm threats are strictly prohibited.
#1.14: Encouraging or threatening suicide/self-harm in any way is strictly prohibited.
#1.15: Threatening to commit any form of inappropriate behavior, regardless of the intention, is not allowed.
#1.16: Blackmailing/Threatening other players in any way that could cause harm is not allowed.
#1.17: Causing unnecessary drama, or attempting to instigate a situation is not allowed.
#1.18: DDoS threats and or encouraging others to do so in all forms are strictly prohibited.
Client Rules If you believe someone is breaking the server rules, use /report in game or the #report-player discord channel on discord and provide proper evidence of the misconduct.

#2.0: Allowed Mods/Clients = Optifine, Badlion, Lunar, 5zig and LabyMod (Client options NOT allowed - No auto-reconnect, and auto text)
#2.1 Using any client that is not on the approved list may not result in a instant ban but may result in unwanted side affects including potentially an accidental ban by anti-cheat.
#2.2 Trolling/Joking about using any hacked client can result in punishment.
Account Rules #3.0: You are allowed four (4) unique Accounts per household (Logging more than 4 unique accounts within 24hrs will trigger an auto ban on all accounts)
#3.1: You are allowed up to four (4) unique accounts logged into the server at one time per household.
#3.2: Sharing accounts is strictly prohibited.
Server Rules #4.0: Do not abuse server mechanics / bugs — No AFK Pools, Auto-Fishers, Auto-Relog, Mining Bots, Macros, Scripts, or Bypassing AFK-Auto Kick.
#4.1: Abuse of the server, plugins or a bug/glitch in any way which creates an unfair advantage is not allowed.
#4.2: Abusing a Native Minecraft bug/glitch which creates an unfair advantage is not allowed.
#4.3: Using Objects or bugs to hold keys down or mouse buttons down is against the rules.
#4.4: Using any form of Auto-Clicking or Mouse Recorder / Replay is strictly prohibited.
#4.5: Using any form of Automation is not allowed.
#4.6: Attempting to lag, crash, exploit, or compromise the server and/or other players is strictly prohibited.
#4.7: Ban evading/mute evading is strictly prohibited.
#4.8: VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are not allowed.
#4.9: Naming your gang, items, or things inappropriate names is not allowed.
PvP Rules #5.0: Gang Alliances are against the Rules.
#5.1: If you attempt to capture an outpost, you must treat all people equally when attacking players.
#5.2: Purposefully avoiding killing someone because you are friends is against the rules.
#5.3: Multiple gangs teaming up to accomplish a common goal is against the rules.
#5.4: Purposely Launching Convoy Flares for others to claim is a form of boosting and is not allowed.
#5.4: Asking players to go into PvP for free gems is not allowed. Offering players free gems from PvP is not allowed.
#5.5: Logging onto an alt to avoid DBL is not allowed.
#5.6: Don’t be a sore winner/loser after a fight