Daily Bonus

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Daily Bonus

Dank Prison utilizes a custom Daily Bonus System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Daily Bonus Info

  • Top Prize requires logging into Dank Prison for 26 consecutive days. (After reaching Day 26 the Daily Bonus restarts from Day 1.)
  • You get progressively increasing rewards for logging in consecutive days in a row.
  • Daily Bonus Prizes are given automatically when you login.
  • Prizes are awarded after a new day has started at 00:00:00. You can view the current server time with /servertime.


Command Aliases Description
/dailybonus /db Opens the Daily Bonus Menu
/nextdailybonus /nextdb Displays the Time until your next Daily Bonus
/s relic Changes Day 26 prize to Random Relic
/s dragonegg Toggles Dragon Egg for Day 26 Daily Bonus Reward

Level Bonus's

Level Bonus
1 1 Minute of Auto Miner Time
2 1x Wheel of Fortune Spin
3 1x Plinko Attempt
4 5 Minutes of Auto Miner Time
5 3x UltraMine (Crate Key)
6 8 Minutes of Dragon Lair Time
7 10 Minute of Auto Miner Time
8 3x Plinko Attempts
9 3x Wheel of Fortune Spins
10 5x UltraMine (Crate Key)
11 5x UltraMine+ (Crate Key)
12 15 Minutes of Auto Miner Time
13 20 Minutes of Dragon Lair Time
14 7x Plinko Attempts
15 7x Wheel of Fortune Spins
16 Dank Crate
17 25 Minutes of Auto Miner Time
18 35 Minutes of Dragon Lair Time
19 15x UltraMine+ (Crate Key)
20 3x Dank Crate
21 3x Dank Crate
22 35 Minutes of Auto Miner Time
23 15x Plinko Attempts
24 15x Wheel of Fortune Spins
25 Random Pickaxe Artifact
26 Day 26 rewards are dynamic, meaning the prize can change depending on things you've unlocked.
The Prize is a Lucky Pet Block+,Dragon Egg, or Relic, depending on which Final Reward setting you have selected.