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The Plinko came from a crazy idea I had some years ago, and turned it into reality.


How to Obtain Plinko Attempts

  • Plinko can be earned from the Lucky Plinko Pet while Mining, Fishing, AutoMining, or OverDriving.
  • Plinko can be earned from Lucky Block, and Lucky Block+.
  • Plinko can be earned from Voting with /vote.
  • Plinko can be earned from Vote Rewards /vr
  • Plinko can be earned from the Daily Bonuses. /db
  • Plinko can be earned from Vote Party, Vote Party+, Donation Party, and Donation Party+ Crates.
  • Plinko comes with certain Donator Ranks purchased on our Store or with /buy.

Plinko Info

  • To start Plinko, you must click the button at /w plinko'. Teleport can be accessed in the /warps menu.
  • With the Immortal Donator Rank, Plinko can be started remotely using /plinko start.
  • Plinko is a minigame based off the Plinko game from the TV Show, "The Price is Right".
  • Upon starting plinko, a block will spawn at the top of the plinko board and randomly fall down the board, landing on a random wool color, which determines your prize.
  • You can never lose at Plinko – you always win something.
  • Multiple attempts can be used with the command /plinko <amount>, multiplying your reward by said amount.
  • Your prize will either be Crates, AutoMiner time, DragonLair time, MineBooster time, or Keys.


Command Description
/plinko View your Plinko balance
/plinko <player> View specified players Plinko balance
/plinko <amount> Allows you to Combine Multiple Plinko Attempts to multiply rewards.
/w plinko Warps you to Plinko

Wool Colors

Wool Color Points
White Wool 1 Point
Yellow Wool 2 Points
Blue Wool 3 Points
Green Wool 5 Points
Red Wool 7 Points
Pink Wool 10 Points