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Dank Prison utilizes a custom Key System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Key Info

  • You can Shift + Click to open Multiple Stacks of Keys at a time at the Key Crate.
  • Keys can be obtained from many sources including Mining, Fishing, Auto Miner, OverDrive, Wheel of Fortune, Plinko, Slots, Etc.
  • Key Organizer /ko will leave 1 of each Key type in your inventory, allowing you to better sort incoming keys.
  • Key BackPack /kbp can be used to store keys as you mine them.
  • Key Opener /keyopener can be used to open keys as you mine them.
  • (Note: ++ Keys can only be found via Mining and Fishing for Knight Players with the LuckyKeys++ Custom Enchant.)

How to Upgrade

  • You can Manually upgrade 4x key to 1x upgraded key by inputting 4x of same lesser keys into your 2x2 crafting table in your inventory.

Alternatively, you can use our Key BackPack system to bulk craft/upgrade.


Command Description
/kw Opens the Key Rewards Menu
/crates Teleports you to Key Opening Area

Upgrading Keys

Key Upgrading
4x Vote Key = 4x Vote+ Keys = 1x Vote++ Keys
4x Rankup Key = 4x Rankup+ Keys = 1x Rankup++ Keys
4x Mine Key = 4x Mine+ Keys = 1x Mine++ Keys
4x UltraMine Key = 4x UltraMine+ Keys = 1x UltraMine++ Keys
4x Prestige Key = 4x Prestige+ Keys = 1x Prestige++ Keys
4x Master Key = 4x Master+ Keys = 1x Master++ Keys
4x Champion Key = 4x Champion+ Keys = 1x Champion++ Keys
4x Knight Key = 4x Knight+ Keys = 1x Knight++ Keys
4x Royal Key = 4x Royal+ Keys = 1x Royal++ Keys

Key BackPack

Key BackPack Full.png
Key BackPack Settings Menu.png

Key BackPack Info

  • Key BackPack starts out with 36 Slots and can be upgraded by 36 slot per donator tier starting at Elite Rank up to 360 Slots at Immortal Rank.
  • Key BackPack holds all Key Types.
  • KBP has a unique feature of pulling Keys from KBP if you Shift + click the Key Crate with an empty hand. (Key Pulling Prioritizes Keys in order from non to ++.)
  • KBP Only Deposits Keys selected in your /kbpsettings when Enabled.
  • KBP Has a unique Feature to act as a Key OverFlow to prevent key loss when Inventory has become Full as long as your KBP is also not full.
  • KBP Has the ability to Upgrade all Keys in KBP to the next Tier using the Upgrade button in the corner of the menu. (3 second cooldown)
  • KBP has the ability to Open all keys using the Open button in the bottom of the menu.


Command Aliases Description
/keybackpack /kbp Opens your Key BackPack
/kbpsettings Opens Key BackPack Settings Menu

Increase Key BackPack Size

  • Elite Rank increases size to 72 Slots
  • Legendary Rank increases size to 108 Slots
  • Platinum Rank increases size to 144 Slots
  • Dank Rank increases size to 180 Slots
  • UltraDank Rank increases size to 216 Slots
  • OG Rank increases size to 252 Slots
  • UltraOG Rank increases size to 288 Slots
  • MasterOG Rank increases size to 324 Slots
  • Immortal Rank increases size to 360 Slots

Key Opener

Key Opener Settings Menu.png

Key Opener Info

  • Key Opener can be toggled on and off using commands below.
  • You can select which keys are automatically opened with the Key Opener.
  • Key BackPack triggers before the Key Opener, so if you have the Key BackPack Enabled the Key Opener will only open keys which you do not have set to deposit into your Key BackPack.


Command Description
/keyopener Opens Key Opener Settings Menu

How to Unlock

  • UltraDank Donator Rank or higher includes Key Opener.

Key Organizer

Key Organizer Mining Settings Menu.png

Key Organizer Info

  • Key Organizer can be toggled on and off using the commands below.
  • Key Organizer leaves 1 of each Key Type in your Inventory while upgrading to allow you to Organize Keys into your Inventory.


Command Aliases Description
/keyorganizer /ko Toggles on / off Key Organizer