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Crate Info

  • You can Shift + Click to open Stacks of Crates at a time. (Bulk opening crates stop opening Crates when your Inventory becomes too full.)
  • You can salvage Crate Contents for Tokens using /salvage and /sa
  • Crates can be obtained from many sources including Mining, Fishing, Auto Miner, OverDrive, Wheel of Fortune, Plinko, Slots, Etc.
  • Crate Organizer /co will leave 1 of each crate type in your inventory allowing you better sort incoming crates.
  • Crate BackPack /cbp can be used to store crates as you mine them.
  • Crate Opener /crateopener can be used to open crates as you mine them.

How to Upgrade

  • You can Manually upgrade 4x crates to 1x upgraded crates by inputting 4x lesser crates into your 2x2 crafting table in your inventory. (Event Crates are non-upgradeable)
  • You can use Crate Upgrader Enchant to automatically upgrade crates at a 4 to 1 ratio as you mine.
  • You can bulk upgrade crates using Crate BackPack by shift+clicking the cake.

Auto Salvaging Info

  • Auto Salvage Automatically Salvages Items from Crates for Tokens as you open them.
  • Toggle AutoSalvage Settings in /as

Crate Boosts Info

  • You can use Dank Dust obtained from /salvaging God Kit Armor to increase your chances of receiving an Armor Piece with a Custom Enchant from any Crate Type including Item Crates and Dragon Eggs.


Crate Description
/cw Opens the Crate Rewards Menu
/ecw Opens the Event Crate Rewards Menu
/crateorganizer Toggles on / off Crate Organizer
/cbp Opens your Crate BackPack
/cbpsettings Opens Crate BackPack Settings Menu
/crateopener Opens CrateOpener Settings Menu
/crateboost Opens the Crate Boost Menu
/salvage Salvages the item in your hand
/sa Salvages everything in your inventory
/ce unsalvageable Enchants the item with Unsalvageable so it can't be salvaged
/as Toggles Auto Salvage menu that allows you to select which Crates get AutoSalvaged when manually opening Crates.
Item Crate Rewards
Crate Rewards Item Salvage Value Upgrades from
Common Crate 1 Token + Chance for Common Gear 10 Tokens
Uncommon Crate 4.2 Tokens + Chance for Uncommon Gear 25 Tokens 4x Common Crates
Rare Crate 17.6 Tokens + Chance for Rare Gear 75 Tokens 4x Uncommon Crates
UltraRare Crate 74.1 Tokens + Chance for UltraRare Gear 150 Tokens 4x Rare Crates
Legendary Crate 311.2 Tokens + Chance for Legendary Gear 250 Tokens 4x UltraRare Crates
UltraLegendary Crate 1,306.9 Tokens + Chance for UltraLegendary Gear 500 Tokens 4x Legendary Crates
Pure Crate 5,489 Tokens + Chance for Pure Gear 1,000 Tokens 4x UltraLegendary Crates
UltraPure Crate 23,053.9 Tokens + Chance for UltraPure Gear 1,500 Tokens 4x Pure Crates
Dank Crate 96,826.5 Tokens + Chance for Dank Gear 5,000 Tokens 4x UltraPure Crates
UltraDank Crate 406,671.4 Tokens + Chance for UltraDank Gear 10,000 Tokens 4x Dank Crates
OG Crate 1,708,019.88 Tokens + Chance for OG Gear 25,000 Tokens 4x UltraDank Crates
UltraOG Crate 7,173,683.5 Tokens + Chance for UltraOG Gear 50,000 Tokens 4x OG Crates
MasterOG Crate 30,846,839.05 Tokens + Chance for MasterOG Gear + Chance for MasterOG Fishing Rod 100,000 Tokens 4x UltraOG Crates
Immortal Crate 132,024,471.13 Tokens + Chance for Immortal Gear + Chance for Immortal Fishing Rod 250,000 Tokens 4x MasterOG Crates
TheDankest Crate 554,502,778.75 Tokens + Chance for TheDankest Gear + Chance for TD/TMD Fishing Rod and chance for T2D/TMD Pickaxe 1,000,000 Tokens 4x Immortal Crates
The2ndDankest Crate 2,328,911,670.73 Tokens + Chance for The2ndDankest Gear + 100% chance at T2D Fishing Rod + Increased chance for TMD Fishing Rod and TMD Pickaxe 5,000,000 Tokens 4x TheDankest Crates
TheMostDankest Crate 9,781,429,017.08 Tokens + Chance for TheMostDankest Gear + 100% chance at TMD Fishing Rod + Increased chance for TMD Pickaxe 15,000,000 Tokens 4x The2ndDankest Crates

Event Crates

Event Winnings.png

Event Crates are separated into two different tiers, First Tier and Second Tier.

Each Event provides different Special Enchanted Pickaxes which are only obtainable from Event Crates.

For one day during an Event, crates and keys found from Mining or Fishing (excludes AutoMiner and OverDrive) will be doubled. The specific 24 hour period is based off /servertime starting at 00:00 on the holiday the event is based on. (St. Patricks, Valentines, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Etc.)

How to Obtain

1st Tier Event Crates

2nd Tier Event Crates

  • Second Tier Event Crates can also be obtained by Mining, Fishing or from Auto Miner / OverDrive.
  • Opening First Tier Event Crates can provide you with tokens and a 10% chance to receive a Second Tier Event Crate from them.


Command Description
/ecw & /ecr Opens the Event rewards menu.
/cw Event rewards menu is accessible from here.

Event Order

  • New Years Event - Active during the month of January.
  • Valentines Event - Active during the month of February.
  • St. Patricks Event - Active from 03/01 until 03/30.
  • April Fools Event - Active from 03/31 until 04/02.
  • Easter Event - Active from 04/02 until the end of April.
  • Cinco De Mayo Event - Active from 05/01 until 05/06.
  • Mothers Day Event - Active from 05/06 until 05/25.
  • Memorial Event - Active from 05/25 until 06/05.
  • Fathers Day Event - Active from 06/05 until the end of June.
  • 4th of July Event - Active during the month of July.
  • Back to School Event - Active during the months of August and September.
  • Halloween Event - Active during the month October.
  • Thanks Giving Event - Active during the month of November.
  • Christmas Event - Active during the month of December.

Crate BackPack

Dank Prison utilizes a custom BackPack System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Crate BackPack Settings Menu.png

Crate BackPack Info

  • The Crate BackPack can hold an infinite amount of crates.
  • Crate BackPack holds majority of crates types (excluding Vote Party Crates, Donation Party Crates, and Event Crates)
  • CBP has a unqiue feature of pulling Crates from CBP if you Shift + click in Air with an empty hand (Crate Pulling Prioritizes Crates in order of lowest first then higher as you run out of lower tier).
  • CBP Only Deposits Crates selected in your /cbpsettings when Enabled.
  • CBP has a unique Feature to act as a Crate OverFlow to prevent crate loss when Inventory has become Full.
  • CBP Has the ability to Upgrade all Crates in CBP to the next Tier using the Upgrade button in the corner of the menu. (3 second cooldown)
  • CBP has the ability to Open all crates using the Open button in the bottom of the menu. (Automatically salvages all contents within crates)

Crate Opener

Dank Prison utilizes a custom Crate System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Crate Opener Settings Menu.png

Crate Opener Info

  • Crate Opener can be toggled on and off use commands below.
  • You can select which crates are automatically opened by Crate Opener. (Crate Opener does not open Event Crates.)
  • Crate BackPack triggers before Crate Opener. So if you have Crate BackPack Enabled, Crate Opener will only open crates which you do not have set to deposit into your Crate BackPack.

How to Unlock

  • CrateOpener Pet gives you ability to use /crateopener command.
  • Platinum Donator Rank includes Crate Opener.

Crate Organizer

Crate Organizer Mining Settings Menu.png

Dank Prison utilizes a custom Crate System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Crate Organizer Info

  • Crate Organizer can be toggled on and off use commands below.
  • Crate Organizer Upgrades Crates when you have 5 or more of the same crate. (4x crates = next tier)
  • Crate Organizer leaves 1 of each Crate Type in your Inventory while upgrading to allow you to Organize Crates in your Inventory.