Event Crates

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Event Crates

Event Winnings.png

Dank Prison utilizes a custom event system which provides you with crates that reward you with unique event items.

Event Crates are separated into two different tiers, First Tier and Second Tier.

Each event provides different special enchanted pickaxes which aren't obtainable from regular enchanting only from the event crates.

How to Obtain

1st Tier Event Crates

2nd Tier Event Crates

  • Second Tier Event Crates can also be obtained by Mining, Fishing or from Auto Miner / OverDrive.
  • Opening First Tier Event Crates can provide you with tokens and a 10% chance to receive a Second Tier Event Crate from them.


Command Description
/ecw & /ecr Opens the Event rewards menu.
/cw Event rewards menu is accessible from here.

Event Order

  • New Years Event - Active during the month of January.
  • Valentines Event - Active during the month of February.
  • St. Patricks Event - Active from 03/01 until 03/30.
  • April Fools Event - Active from 03/31 until 04/02.
  • Easter Event - Active from 04/02 until the end of April.
  • Cinco De Mayo Event - Active from 05/01 until 05/06.
  • Mothers Day Event - Active from 05/06 until 05/25.
  • Memorial Event - Active from 05/25 until 06/05.
  • Fathers Day Event - Active from 06/05 until the end of June.
  • 4th of July Event - Active during the month of July.
  • Back to School Event - Active during the months of August and September.
  • Halloween Event - Active during the month October.
  • Thanks Giving Event - Active during the month of November.
  • Christmas Event - Active during the month of December.