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Donation Parties

Dank Prison uses a custom Donation Party System built from scratch specifically for Dank Prison.

Donation Party Info

  • Donation parties happen every $25 donated through our store. Whenever a donation party triggers, you will receive either a Donation Party crate or a Donation Party+ crate. There is a 10% chance for it to be a DP+ crate.
  • Triggering a Donation Party provides a random chance for 10% Key or 10% Crate Finding Bonus while Mining or Fishing for 10 Minutes for every Donation Party Triggered. The time is stackable with these bonuses, but the time is not. The time does not count down while offline.

Donation Party Commands

Command Aliases Description
/buy Opens up the Dank Prison Store
/store /donation, /purchase Displays a link to the Dank Prison Store
/donationparty /dp Displays amount of Donations in store are needed until the next Donation Party