Donation Party

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Donation Parties

Vote parties happen every $25 donated. Whenever a donation party triggers, you will receive either a Donation Party crate or a Donation Party+ crate. There is a 10% chance for it to be a DP+ crate.

Donation Party Commands

Command Aliases Description
/buy Opens up the Dank Prison Store
/store /donation, /purchase Displays a link to the Dank Prison Store
/donationparty /dp Displays amount of Donations in store are needed until the next Donation Party

Donation Party Crate

Name Chance
1x WOF 50%
1x Plinko 50%
1x Slots 50%
3x WOF 25%
3x Plinko 25%
3x Slots 25%
5x WOF 10%
5x Plinko 10%
5x Slots 10%
7x WOF 5%
7x Plinko 5%
7x Slots 5%
1x Lucky Pet Block 1.5%
1x Lucky Pet Block+ 0.5%

Donation Party+ Crate

Name Chance
10x WOF 25%
10x Plinko 25%
10x Slots 25%
15x WOF 10%
15x Plinko 10%
15x Slots 10%
20x WOF 5%
20x Plinko 5%
20x Slots 5%
1x Lucky Pet Block 3%
1x Lucky Pet Block+ 1%