Fishing Attractant

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Fishing Attractant

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Fishing Lure +3 30 Minutes.png

Fishing Attractant is a custom Game Mechanic created specifically for Dank Prison

Fishing Attractant Info

  • Fishing Attractant is used to increase Fish Caught by a set amount +2 or +3
  • There are 4 Types of Fishing Attractant which can be a combination of +2 or +3 and 15 minute and 30 minute Fishing Attractant.
  • Fishing Attractant Time is stackable to an infinite amount.
  • Using a +2 Attractant while having +3 Attractant Already active retains +3 and extends time by amount listed on Fishing Lure.
  • Fishing Lure and Fishing Baits work together to increase Fish Caught when both are Active.
  • Attractant Time pauses upon logging out of server.
  • Attractant Time pauses while using AutoMiner or OverDrive
  • Attractant Time pauses while in Private Mines, NetherMine+, 1v1

How to Obtain

Attractant Commands

Command Description
/Attractant Displays your Attractant Timer
/Attractant <player> Displays specified Players Attractant Timer
/claimAttractant Claims 1hr of +3 Attractant (2hr if Immortal Rank or Higher) (24hr Cooldown) (Requires MasterOG Rank or Higher)