Gang Bases

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Gang Bases

Inside Gang Base.png
Gang Base Outside.png

Dank Prison utilizes a custom Gang System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Gang Bases Info

  • Gang Bases Require Level 5 to make a Gang Base.
  • Gang Bases Region automatically expands upon reaching necessary level.
  • Gang bases will start out as 25x25x150, then progressively grow in size until Level 30 for Full Size Region.
  • You can build your own Gang Base up to 150x150x150 in size. That's over 300 blocks across when gang level reaches level 30+.
  • Fishing Ponds are allowed in Gang Bases.
  • On login, you get teleported to your Gang Base instead of spawn if your Gang has one.

Gang Base Region Sizes ->
Level 30 Gang = 150x150x150
Level 25 Gang = 125x125x150
Level 20 Gang = 100x100x150
Level 15 Gang = 75x75x150
Level 10 Gang = 50x50x150
Level 5 Gang = 25x25x150

Gang Base Commands

Command Description
/b or /base or /gangbase Teleports you to Gang Base or makes Gang Base if you don't have one yet.
/b sethome Allows you to alter home of your Gang Base. (Requires Gang Leader / Co-Leader)
/b reset Allows you to wipe Gang Base and start with fresh base (Requires Gang Leader)
/b visit Opens Gang Base Visit Menu displaying all Gang Bases.
/b visit <gang> Allows you to visit anothers Gangs Base
/b visit <gang> s Allows you to teleport above anothers Gangs Base to avoid teleport traps
/b perms Allows you to set build permissions for Gang (Requires Gang Leader / Co-Leader)