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Pickaxe Combine Main Menu.png
Pickaxe Combine Menu.png

Pickaxe Combine

You can easily combine 2 different pickaxes together while retaining artifacts manually added to pickaxes and all stats(Exceptions listed below).

Pickaxe Combine Info

  • Pickaxes cannot contain the same enchant on both pickaxes. (Excluding non refundable Enchants)
  • Highest Level Fortune is chosen if present on both pickaxes.
  • Highest Level Depth is chosen if present on both pickaxes.
  • Momentum Levels are added together if present on both pickaxes.
  • Manually applied Artifacts automatically transfer to new pickaxe (otherwise highest % of each artifact present on pickaxes is chosen)
  • ParticleTransmutation / HeartAttack Spiral Particle Effects are chosen based off 2nd Pickaxe if present on both Pickaxes.
  • ParticleTransmutation / HeartAttack / LuckyGold / UNTRASHABLE / UNSALVAGEABLE is retained if present on one pickaxe.
  • Pickaxe name is applied from the Pickaxe in the 2nd Slot.
  • Knight Artifact Limitations - 1000% Sell Bonus, and 100% Token, LB, LB+, CrateDoubler, KeyDoubler Artifacts.
  • Everyone Else Artifact Limitations - 100% Sell, Token, LB, LB+, CrateDoubler, KeyDoubler Artifacts

(Depth 1 allows for 110%, Depth 2 allows for 120%, Depth 3 allows for 130%, Depth 4 allows for 140%, Depth 5 allows for 150% Token, LB, LB+ Artifacts)
(Depth 1 allows for 125%, Depth 2 allows for 150%, Depth 3 allows for 175%, Depth 4 allows for 200%, Depth 5 allows for 225%, Depth 6 allows for 250% Sell Artifacts)


Command Description
/combine Opens the Pickaxe Combine Menu