Dragons Lair

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The Dragons Lair

Dragons Lair Mine.png
Dragon Lair Time Message.png

The Dragons lair is a special mine with very high sell prices.

How to Obtain Time

Dragon Lair Time Info

  • Dragon Lair Time allows you to enter the Dragons Lair for the amount of time you have.
  • Dragon Lair Time is automatically consumed at a rate of 1 second per second of being in the Dragons Lair
  • Dragon Lair Time can be converted into Dragon Booster Time

Dragons Lair Commands

Command! Aliases Description
/dragonlair /dl, /dragon Displays your Dragon Lair Time
/dragonlair <player> /dl, /dragon Displays specified players Dragon Lair Time
/dragonconvert /convert Converts all but 1 second of Dragon Lair Time into Tokens


If you would like to make even more money in the dragons lair, you can boost your sell value by 50% more if you have Mine Booster time. You can get this from the same sources as Dragon Lair time.