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Command Description
/tasks Open's the Tasks Menu

Need to Know

Completing all Task Pages rewards 1x additional Private Mine

Tier 1 Tasks

Tasks Rewards
Mine a block 5x Random Artifacts and
1x Random Dragon Egg
Reset a mine
Get Spiral Enchant to level 25+
Access one of your vaults
Open a crate
Open multiple crates
Upgrade a crate
Visit the enchant menu
Refund and enchant
Open a key
Open multiple keys
Manually upgrade a key
Salvage an item
Salvage all
Auto Salvage
Visit the warps menu
Turn Crate BackPack on
Turn Key BackPack on
Use a Wheel of Fortune
Use a Plinko
Use a Slots
Spend a Talent Point in /talents
Toggle any Settings in /s
Access the wiki using /wiki
Access the Enchant Guide /zach

Tier 2 Tasks

Tasks 2nd Set.png
Tasks Rewards
Mine a block in the Nether Mine 5x Random Artifacts,
1x Random DragonEgg,
1x Lucky Pet Block
Mine a block in the NetherMine+
Mine a block in the DragonsLair
Mine a block in the Dragon Lair +
Enchant Spiral to level 45+
Buy a name color in /nc
Upgrade a Pet +1 Level
Use /verify to link your discord (Checks if already Verified on Login)
Get to day 6+ in DailyBonus (Checks past Day 6+ on Login)
Vote on 5 different Vote Links
Use mutliple Wofs at same time using /wof <number>
Use mutliple Plinko at same time using /plinko <number>
Use 30 minutes of AutoMiner Time
Open a VP or DP crate
Enchant a Fishing Rod
Catch a fish
Use a bait or lure
Enchant a Sword
Join or Create a Gang (Checks if in a Gang Login)
Donate Money to Gang Bank
Donate Gems or Emblems to Gang Bank
Loot a Convoy
Enter an Outpost
Use Global Event Menu
Visit a Gang Base
Reach M1+ Rank (Checks if M1+ Login)
Awaken a Piece of Armor

Tier 3 Tasks (new as of 1.4.3)

Task Tier 3.png
Tasks Rewards
Add a armor to your showcase /showcase 10x Random Artifacts,
3x Random DragonEgg,
1x Random Relic,
2x Lucky Pet Block,
1x Lucky Pet Block+,
5x Pet Upgrade Stones
Add an Armor Piece to Showcase
Change scoreboard /sb
Exchange an pet for MOG
Exchange 2x MOG or Another Pet for Pet
Combine 2 levels of the same pet to make + using /petcombine
Crush an Artifact to make Artifact Powder using crafting
Salvage a DragonEgg armor to make dank dust using /salvage
Salvage God Armor
Upgrade Crate Boost
Equip a relic in your offhand
Use an Augmentation Crystal
Purchase a Dragon Egg from David
Purchase an Artifact from David
Use a Scroll of Reversion to remove an Awakenings
Use a Scroll of Augmentation to alter a current Awakening
Buy something from Vote Rewards menu /vr
Exchange for Gems
Place a pet in your Pet BackPack /pbp
Achieve 1m+ BM
Achieve 80k+ CO
Achieve 80k+ IS
Achieve 8k+ KO
Achieve 3D+ PT
Achieve 5k+ FC
Purchase Spiral level 81+ Enchant
Enable CrateOpener
Buy Upsurge or Escalation Enchant

Tier 4 Tasks (new as of 1.4.3)

Task Tier 4.png
Tasks Rewards
Reach C1+ Rank 15x Random Artifacts,
5x Random DragonEgg,
2x Random Relic,
2x Lucky Pet Block,
2x Lucky Pet Block+,
7x Pet Upgrade Stones
Combine 2 relics using /reliccombine
Combine 2 + pets to make ++ pet using /petcombine
Complete a Poseidon's Lair run at /warp pl
Purchase an item from Rocket Johnny at /warp pl
Mine a Block During a ChampionFrenzy Event /cf
Catch a Fish During a FishingFrenzy Event /ff
Purchase Spiral 108+ Enchant
Salvage a Pet using /salvage or Pet Upgrade Menu
Setup and Enable Auto Rankup Prestige in /ar
Setup and Enable Auto Rankup Master in /ar
Dismantle a Immortal or TD Crate using Crafting Menu
Crush a relic to make Relic dust using Crafting Menu
Use 3x Relic Dust to create a new Relic using Crafting Menu
Proc RandomRankup Enchant
Proc RandomPrestige Enchant
Proc RandomMaster Enchant
Open a Monthly Tier 4+ Crate from /mtier
Achieve 125m+ BM
Achieve 450k+ CO
Achieve 450k+ IS
Achieve 45k+ KO
Achieve 50k+ FC
Achieve 6d+ PT
Create and use a PvP Beacon
Activate Momentum Timer
Upgrade Sell Artifacts above 35%