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Command Description
/tasks Open's the Tasks Menu

Tier1 Tasks

  • Mine a block
  • Reset a mine
  • Rankup
  • Get spiral enchant to level 25+
  • Access one of your vaults
  • Open a crate
  • Open multiple crates
  • Upgrade a crate
  • Visit the enchant menu
  • Refund an enchant
  • Open a key
  • Open multiple keys
  • Manually upgrade a key
  • Salvage an item
  • Apply UNSALVAGEABLE enchant
  • Salvage all
  • Auto Salvage
  • Visit the warps menu
  • Turn Crate BackPack on
  • Turn Key BackPack on
  • Use a wheel of fortune
  • Use a plinko
  • Use a slots
  • Spend a talent point in /talents
  • Toggle any Settings in /s
  • Access the wiki /wiki
  • Access the enchant guide /zach

Completing Tier 1 Tasks Rewards: UNSELLABLE Lucky Pet Block

Tier2 Tasks

Tasks 2nd Set.png
  • Mine a block in the NetherMine
  • Mine a block in the NetherMine+
  • Mine a block in the DragonsLair
  • Mine a block in the DragonsLair+
  • Enchant Spiral to level 45+
  • Buy a name color in /nc
  • Upgrade a Pet +1 Level
  • Use /verify to link your discord (Checks if already Verified on Login)
  • Get to day 6+ in DailyBonus (Checks past Day 6+ on Login)
  • Vote on all 6 Vote Links
  • Use mutliple Wofs at same time using /wof <number>
  • Use mutliple Plinko at same time using /plinko <number>
  • Use 30 minutes of AutoMiner Time
  • Open a vp or dp crate
  • Enchant a Fishing Rod
  • Catch a fish
  • Use a bait or lure
  • Enchant a Sword
  • Join or Create a Gang (Checks if in a Gang Login)
  • Donate Money to Gang Bank
  • Donate Gems or Emblems to Gang Bank
  • Loot a Convoy
  • Enter an Outpost
  • Kill another player in PvP
  • Hatch a LuckyPet Egg (Checks if already hatched an Egg)
  • Reach M1+ Rank (Checks if M1+ Login)
  • Awaken a Piece of Armor

Completing Tier 2 Tasks Rewards: 5x RandomArtifacts, 1x Random DragonEgg, 1x Unsellable Random Pet