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Dank Prison utilizes a Custom Settings System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Setting Info

  • There are hundreds of different settings.
  • Below is a list of all manual settings commands.

Setting Commands

Command Aliases Description
/settings /s Settings Menu (over 100+ toggle-able Settings)
/msettings /ms Misc Settings Menu
/gsettings /gs Games Settings Menu
/csettings /cst Chat Settings Menu
/crateorganizer /co Toggles Crate Organizer Settings
/keyorganizer /ko Toggles Key Organizer Settings
/crateupgrader /cu Toggles Crate Upgrader Settings
/keyupgrader /ku Toggles Key Upgrader Settings
/crateopener /copen Crate Opener Settings Menu
/keyopener /kopen Key Opener Settings Menu
/cbpsettings /copenu Crate BackPack Settings Menu
/kbpsettings /kopen Key BackPack Settings Menu
Command Description
/s crates Opens /cratemsg Crate Message Menu
/s keys Opens /keymsg Keys Message Menu
/s cratebp Toggles Crate BackPack
/s cbppull Toggles Crate BackPack Crate Pull Feature
/s keybp Toggles Key BackPack
/s kbppull Toggles Key BackPack Key Pull Feature
/s kbptierupgrade Toggles Key BackPack ++ Key Upgrading (Requires Champion Rank)
/s prestigious Toggles Champion Prestigious Enchant Refund Protection (Requires Champion Rank)
/s rmprotection Toggles Champion RandomMaster Enchant Refund Protection (Requires Champion Rank)
/s rcprotection Toggles Champion RandomChampion Enchant Refund Protection (Requires Champion Rank)
/s rkprotection Toggles Knight RandomKnight Enchant Refund Protection (Requires Knight Rank)
/s claim Toggles Donator Claim Login Chat Messages
/s leveler Toggles Leveler Enchant Chat Messages
/s luckyfortune Toggles LuckyFortune Talent Chat Messages
/s clever Toggles Clever Enchant Chat Messages
/s cratesopen Toggles Crate Open Chat Messages
/s gangchat Toggles Gang Chat
/s randomrankup Toggles RandomRankup Enchant Messages
/s randomprestige Toggles RandomPrestige Enchant Messages
/s randommaster Toggles RandomMaster Enchant Messages
/s randomchampion Toggles RandomChampion Enchant Messages
/s mn Toggles Mining Notification Summary
/s fn Toggles Fishing Notification Summary
/s rampage Toggles Rampage Enchant Chat Messages
/s frenzy Toggles Frenzy Enchant Chat Messages
/s convoy Toggles Convoy Broadcast Chat Messages
/s vote Toggles Voting Broadcast Chat Messages
/s sunrise Toggles Sunrise Enchant Chat Messages
/s mutechat Toggles Player Chat Messages
/s eclipse Toggles Eclipse Enchant Chat Messages
/s randommoney Toggles RandomMoney Enchant Chat Messages
/s wofmsg Toggles Wheel of Fortune Broadcast Chat Messages
/s plinkomsg Toggles Plinko Broadcast Chat Messages
/s slotsmsg Toggles Slots Broadcast Chat Messages
/s sounds Toggles in game Dank Prison Sounds
/s resetmine Swaps Right Click Action for Reset Mine /rm command
/s autosell Toggles AutoSell Fishing Enchant Messages
/s cratemenu Toggles Left click to open crate menu when holding crate
/s donatemsg Toggles Player Donation Global Broadcasts
/s salvageall Toggles Salvage All Confirmation Button
/s ignorediscord Toggles Discord Chat Messages
/s dankbot Toggles DankBot from responding to messages.
/s dankbotbroadcast Toggles DankBot Global Broadcast Messsages
/s autosalvage Toggles Auto Salvage
/s crateupgrader Toggles Crate Upgrader Enchant
/s keyopener Toggles Key Opener
/s keymsg Toggles Key Open Messages
/s keyupgrader Toggles KeyUpgrader Enchant
/s keyplusupgrader Toggles KeyUpgrader+ Enchant
/s keyorganizer Toggles Key Organizer
/s crateorganizer Toggles Crate Organizer
/s crateopener Toggles Crate Opener
/s crateopen Toggles Crate Open Messages
/s particles Toggles Mining Particles
/s outpost Toggles OutPosts Global Messages
/s havoc Toggles Havoc PvP Enchant
/s champion Toggles Champion Rankup Global Messages
/s nv Toggles Night Vision
/s cheatdeath Toggles CheatDeath PvP Enchant
/s hiderank Toggles Hide Prison Rank
/s hideprestige Toggles Hide Prestige Rank
/s hidemaster Toggles Hide Master Rank
/s rightclickplayer Toggles Right Click Player for Statistics Menu
/s luckykey Toggles LuckyKeys Enchant Messages
/s luckykeypet Toggles LuckyKeys Pet Messages
/s godparticles Toggles God Set Particles
/s msgsounds Toggles Private Message Sounds
/s luckymoney Toggles LuckyMoney Enchant Messages
/s mastermoney Toggles MasterMoney Enchant Messages
/s championmoney Toggles ChampionMoney Enchant Messages
/s fullinv Toggles Full Inventory Notifications
/s maxrank Toggles /mr MaxRank command
/s prestigestop Toggles Prestige Stop
/s masterstop Toggles Master Stop
/s championstop Toggles Champion Stop
/s dragonegg Toggles Dragon Egg for Day 26 Daily Bonus Reward
/s relic Toggles Relic for Day 26 Daily Bonus Reward
/s luckydayrelic Toggles Lucky Day bonuses to allow Relic chances
/s luckydayartifact Toggles Lucky Day bonuses to allow Artifact chances
/s crateupgradermessages Toggles crate upgrader messages
/s keyupgradermessages Toggles key upgrader messages
/s fly Toggle flight on and off