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Vote Menu.png

Dank Prison utilizes a custom Voting System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Voting Info

  • There are 6 Vote Links you can vote on for Dank Prison. Voting helps the server out.
  • A Vote Party happens when 50 server wide votes happen.
  • Every time you vote, you receive rewards and 1x Vote Point. (2x Vote Points with Vote Points+ Pet) (3x Vote Points with Vote Points++ Pet)

Vote Party

  • Vote parties happen every 50 votes. Whenever a vote party triggers, you will receive either a Vote Party crate or a Vote Party+ crate.
  • There is a 10% chance for it to be a VoteParty+ crate.

Voting Links

# Link
1) PlanetMinecraft
2) MinecraftServers
3) Mc-Servers
4) Topg
5) Minecraft MP

Potential Voting Rewards

Item Chance
1 Minute Auto Miner + 1 Vote Key 80%
1 Minute Auto Miner + 1 Vote+ Key 11%
1x Wheel of Fortune + 1 Minute Auto Miner + 1 Vote+ Key 5%
1x Plinko + 1 Minute Auto Miner + 1 Vote+ Key 3%
1x Slots + 1 Minute Auto Miner + 1 Vote+ Key 1%

Vote Commands

Command Aliases Description
/voteparty /vp Displays amount of Votes needed until the next Vote Party
/vote /v, /voting Opens the Voting Menu
/voterewards /vr, /votereward Opens the Voting Rewards Menu where you can trade Vote Points for items
/votetop /vtop Displays Vote Top LeaderBoard.
/mvotetop /mvtop Displays Vote Monthly Top LeaderBoard.

Vote Points Rewards Shop

Vote Rewards Updated Menu.png

Vote Points Rewards Shop Info

  • Vote Points are used to buy Vote Reward Prizes
  • Vote Rewards Pet allows a discount on items in the Vote Rewards shop, with a varying discount depending on the tier/level, with a 35% discount when maxed at ++ level 11.

Vote Point Rewards

Cost Item
2 Vote Points Vote Crate Key
5 Vote Points Mine Crate Key
10 Vote Points UltraMine Crate Key
30 Vote Points Prestige Crate Key
75 Vote Points Master Crate Key
100 Vote Points Provides 2x Money Boost for 1-10 Minutes
10 Vote Points 1x Plinko Attempt
10 Vote Points 1x Wheel of Fortune Spin
25 Vote Points 1x Lucky Block
250 Vote Points Lucky Pet Block
250 Vote Points Random Dragon Egg
150 Vote Points Random Pickaxe Artifact
350 Vote Points Random Relics