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Vote Menu.png

Dank Prison utilizes a custom Voting System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

Voting Info

  • There are 6 Vote Links you can vote on for Dank Prison. Voting helps the server out
  • A Vote Party happens when 50 server wide votes happen.
  • Every time you vote to receive rewards and 1x Vote Point (2x Vote Points with Vote Pet)

Voting Links

# Link
1) PlanetMinecraft
2) MinecraftServers
3) Mc-Servers
4) Topg
5) Minecraft MP

Potential Voting Rewards

Item Chance
1 Minute Auto Miner + 1 Vote Key 80%
1 Minute Auto Miner + 1 Vote+ Key 11%
1x Wheel of Fortune + 1 Minute Auto Miner + 1 Vote+ Key 5%
1x Plinko + 1 Minute Auto Miner + 1 Vote+ Key 3%
1x Slots + 1 Minute Auto Miner + 1 Vote+ Key 1%

Vote Commands

Command Aliases Description
/voteparty /vp Displays amount of Votes needed until the next Vote Party
/vote /v, /voting Opens the Voting Menu
/voterewards /vr, /votereward Opens the Voting Rewards Menu where you can trade Vote Points for items
/votetop /vtop Displays Vote Top LeaderBoard.
/mvotetop /mvtop Displays Vote Monthly Top LeaderBoard.