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Relics are powerful items that give certain buffs. The buff is only active while you hold the relic in your offhand slot, so you can only have 1 active at a time.

Relics Info

  • Relics only work while holding them in the offhand slot /offhand while Mining / Fishing

How to Obtain

  • Relics can be found by Mining or Fishing.
  • Relics can be purchased from the Vote Rewards menu /vr
  • Relics can be purchased from RocketJohnny shop in /warp pl.
  • Relics are available from store /buy Limit 5 per week
  • Relics can be earned by achieving certain Rank Bracket Rewards in /rb.
  • Relics can be earned from the Day 26 Daily Bonus Reward on /db with /s relic setting Enabled.
  • Relics can be earned by completing the last row of each Achievement category in /ach.

Things to Increase Chances to Find Relics

  • Relic Pet / Relic Pet+ / Relic Pet++
  • Relic Finder Champion Enchant
  • Awakening System - Relic Awakenings
  • Gang Perks - Relic Booster Perk

Relic Dust

  • Relics can be crushed into Relic Dust by placing them in your 2x2 crafting menu or by using /salvage.
  • Combined Relics can only be crushed with /salvage.
  • New Random Relics can be created by placing 3x Relic Dust as a stack in your in 2x2 crafting menu.

Relic Combining

Combining two of the same relic increases one of the relics base % by +1% per relic.

Example: Combining two artifact relics will give you one relic that is now 16% instead of 15% [Base %]


Command Description
/relics Opens the Relic Rewards Menu showing bonuses and types of Relics
/reliccombine Combine Relics to increase benefits of Proc Rate % of current Relics. Requires 2 of Same Relics.
/offhand Allows you to equip Relics
/relicreroll Allows you to reroll Removed Relics Rebirth, ArmorPierce, StoneSkin.

Relic Types

Relic Base Bonus Max Bonus
Magnitude 15% chance to mine an extra layer (9 blocks) 100%
Momentum 25% chance to find 2x Momentum Pages 100%
DragonEgg 15% increased chance to find Dragon Eggs 25%
Artifact 15% increased chance to find Artifacts 25%
PortKey 15% increased chance to find Port Keys 25%
Frenzy 50% chance to extend frenzy timer by 15 seconds when activated 100%
Rampage 50% chance to extend rampage timer by 15 seconds when activated 100%
ExtraFish Allows you to catch an extra fish Not Combinable.
Lucky Pet Block 15% increased chance to find Lucky Pet Blocks 25%
Lucky Pet Block+ 15% increased chance to find Lucky Pet Block+ 25%
DoubleRandomMoney 5% chance increase to find 2x Money from RandomMoney 100%

Relic Dust

Relic Dust is a custom currency created specifically for Dank Prison.

Relic Dust Info

  • 3x Relic Dust can be used in the crafting table to generate a new Random Relic.

How to Make

  • You can make Relic Dust by placing a Relic into your crafting menu to turn it into Relic Dust.


RelicJimmy is a custom NPC in the Dank Prison Spawn that sells special items in exchange for Relic Dust.


RelicJimmy's Shop

Item Cost
Scroll of Augmentation (Awakenings) 1x Relic Dust
Augmentation Crystal (Awakenings) 1x Relic Dust
Random Relic 3x Relic Dust