Awakening System

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Awakening System

Dank Prison utilizes a custom Awakening System built from scratch for Dank Prison.

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Awakening System Info

  • Awakening Bonuses work for Mining and Fishing only.
  • A Scroll of Awakening is required to apply the first set of awakenings onto a piece of armor.
  • Scrolls of Awakening will always have a positive 4th line that cannot be augmented.
  • Bonuses range from -10% to 10% for Awakenings per line, with the exception of the 4th line which is always positive 1%-10%
  • Awakenings can be improved using Scrolls of Augmentation which allows you to re-roll a line on awakening of your choosing.
  • 4th line awakenings cannot be rerolled with Scrolls of Augmentation.
  • All Awakenings can be removed from an item using a Scroll of Reversion.

Items Associated with Awakening System and How to Obtain

  • Scroll of Awakening: Can be obtained via in game money from David's Shop in Spawn for 1 trillion /balance each or from the Dank Prison Store.
  • Scroll of Augmentation: Allow you to re-roll a line of awakening of your choosing, exluding the 4th line. Scrolls of Augmentations are available on the Dank Prison Store or you can buy them from David, DragonEggTom, or RelicJimmy in /spawn for 1 Artifact Powder 1x Dank Dust, or 1x Relic Dust respectively.
  • Scroll of Reversion: Allows all awakenings to be removed from a piece of armor. Scrolls of Reversion are available on the Dank Prison Store or you can buy from David in /spawn for 1 Artifact Powder per 3x Scrolls of Reversion.
  • Augmentation Crystal: Provide a chance to increase an awakening line of your choice by +1% - Augmentation Crystals can be used to obtain past 10% awakenings - Augmentation Crystals can only upgrade the first 3 lines of an awakenings. Augmentation Crystals are available on the Dank Prison Store or you can buy from David, DragonEggTom, or RelicJimmy in /spawn for 1x Artifact Powder, 1x Dank Dust, or 1x Relic Dust respectively.
  • Scroll of Relinquishment: Strips Awakenings onto a note allowing you to apply it to a different piece of armor. Scroll of Relinquishment are available exlusively at Dank Prison Store. NOTE: Relinquishment Scrolls can only be used on God Armor or MasterOG and above Armor to Relinquish it's Awakenings. However Relinquished Awakenings can be applied to any armor piece when reapplying Awakenings to Armor.

How to Awakening Items

  • You can Awaken Armor Pieces by Dragging and Dropping a Scroll of Awakening onto an Item. (You can only Awaken Armor and Elytras.)
  • When awakening an item 4 Awakenings are applied. Awakenings bonus's are 100% random and can include negative bonus's.
  • 4th line awakenings are always positive


Command Alias Description
/awakenings /awaken Displays your Current Awakenings Bonus Total.

Special Awakenings

  • Sell Artifact Chance Increase
  • Token Artifact Chance Increase
  • LuckyBlock Artifact Chance Increase
  • LuckyBlock+ Artifact Chance Increase
  • LuckyPetBlock Chance Increase
  • LuckyPetBlock+ Chance Increase
  • Momentum Chance Increase
  • ExtraFish Chance Increase
  • PersonalBooster Chance Increase
  • 9lbHammer DragonEgg Chance Increase
  • GrapeApe DragonEgg Chance Increase
  • PurpleUrkle DragonEgg Chance Increase
  • BlueDream DragonEgg Chance Increase
  • SFVOG DragonEgg Chance Increase
  • TahoeOG DragonEgg Chance Increase
  • NetherOG DragonEgg Chance Increase
  • DragonsBreath DragonEgg Chance Increase
  • Magnitude Relic Chance Increase
  • Momentum Relic Chance Increase
  • DragonEgg Relic Chance Increase
  • Artifact Relic Chance Increase
  • PortKey Relic Chance Increase
  • Frenzy Relic Chance Increase
  • Rampage Relic Chance Increase
  • ExtraFish Relic Chance Increase
  • LuckyPetBlock Relic Chance Increase
  • LuckyPetBlock+ Relic Chance Increase
  • DoubleRandomMoney Relic Chance Increase