Awakening System

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Awakening System

Dank Prison utilizes a custom Awakening System built from scratch for Dank Prison

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Awakening System Info

  • Awakening Bonus's work for Mining and Fishing only.
  • Scrolls of Awakening can be obtained via in game money from David's Shop in Spawn for 1 tril ea or from Dank Prison Store
  • Scrolls of Awakening awaken extra Crate / Key Bonus's for Armor and Elytras
  • Bonuses range from 1-7% for Awakenings per line
  • Bonuses range from 1-10% for Awakenings for players who are above K1
  • Awakenings can be improved using Scrolls of Augmentation which allows you to re-roll a line on awakening of your choosing. Scrolls of Augmentations also Available in Dank Prison Store or you can buy from David in spawn for 1 Artifact Powder for Scrolls of Augmentation
  • All Awakenings can be removed from an item using a Scroll of Reversion

How to Awakening Items

  • You can Awaken Armor Pieces by Dragging and Dropping a Scroll of Awakening on an Item (You can only Awaken Armor, and Elytra's)
  • When awakening an item 3 Awakenings are applied. Awakenings bonus's are 100% random and can include negative bonus's.
  • Scroll of Awakening+ provides a 25% chance for getting a 4th line Special Bonus instead of 10%. Scrolls of Awakening+ can be bought from david for 100t ea or from the Dank Prison store /buy


Command Alias Description
/awakenings /awaken Displays your Current Awakenings Bonus Total.

Special Awakenings 4th Line Awakenings

  • Sell Artifact Chance Increase
  • Token Artifact Chance Increase
  • LuckyBlock Artifact Chance Increase
  • LuckyBlock+ Artifact Chance Increase
  • LuckyPetBlock Chance Increase
  • LuckyPetBlock+ Chance Increase
  • Momentum Chance Increase
  • ExtraFish Chance Increase
  • PersonalBooster Chance Increase
  • 9lb Hammer Chance Increase
  • GrapeApe Chance Increase
  • PurpleUrkle Chance Increase
  • BlueDream Chance Increase
  • SFVOG Chance Increase
  • TahoeOG Chance Increase
  • NetherOG Chance Increase
  • DragonsBreath Chance Increase

if C1+{

  • Rebirth Relic Chance Increase
  • Magnitude Relic Chance Increase
  • Momentum Relic Chance Increase
  • DragonEgg Relic Chance Increase
  • Artifact Relic Chance Increase
  • PortKey Relic Chance Increase
  • Frenzy Relic Chance Increase
  • Rampage Relic Chance Increase
  • ExtraFish Relic Chance Increase
  • StoneSkin Relic Chance Increase
  • ArmorPierce Relic Chance Increase
  • LuckyPetBlock Relic Chance Increase
  • LuckyPetBlock+ Relic Chance Increase
  • DoubleRandomMoney Relic Chance Increase