Poseidon's Lair

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Poseidon's Lair


Poseidon's Lair is an area that uses your watchful eye as well as your Elytra skills once per day. You must have an Elytra and Fireworks equipped in order to start Poseidon's Lair. You can get both of these items from the Item Shop. (/shop)

Command Aliases Description
/warp poseidonslair /warp pl Sends you to Poseidon's Lair.

To start a run in Poseidon's Lair, run up to the button and click it to start. You will then have 60 seconds to collect as many stars as possible:

Star Type Point Value # of Blocks
Sea Lanterns 1 point 4,000
Emerald Blocks 5 points 500
Gold Blocks 100 points 1
Redstone Blocks -3 points 350

Collected blocks instantly respawn in a new random coordinate upon capturing. You can capture multiple Gold Blocks in a single session if you are lucky. You can collect on average ~200 points pretty easily per run without collecting a gold block.

Rocket Johnny

Rocket Johnny can be located at /warp pl . Rocket Johnny's shop is within Poseidon's Lair and uses the points you collect as the currency.

Item Point Cost
Random Artifact 500 points
Random DragonEgg 1,000 points
Random Relic 1,500 points