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Hi, I have created this format to make it easier for me to understand what your actually trying to suggest. Please follow the format and explain your suggestion to the best of your ability. I can't make something I don't understand. Providing proper reasoning as to why your suggestion should be added may drastically increase your chances of your suggestion being added into Dank Prison.

If suggestion character limit is exceeded use to create a link to text for your suggestion.
Your suggestions should be posted on our discord in the channel #server-suggestions.

Detailed Suggestion: (Please Provide an in depth explanation of your suggestion. Some examples would include potential commands for suggestion if a command is needed, Potential Cooldown if it is something that requires a CoolDown, Basic logic explanation of how your suggestion should work. etc...) (Please do not waste both our times by making bad suggestions that are poorly thought out.)

Why do you think suggestion needs to be added to Dank Prison: (Please Provide your reasoning as to why you think your suggestion should exist. I'm not a player of the server I only code it, not providing a reasoning being your idea makes me make assumptions. My assumptions may not be interpreted the same and I may completely misunderstand what your trying to convey because you lacked basic information.)

Extra Info: -> (Please provide Extra Info if any is needed like potential screenshots of what your suggestion could look like if added, or provide additional info to better illustrate your suggestion. Providing more info increases the likelihood of me understanding your suggestion better.)

You suggestion should look like:
Suggestion Format.png