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Dank Prison utilizes a Custom Coded Discord Bot "DankBot" to relay information between Dank Prison and Discord.

Discord Info

  • Discord is a great way to stay connected with Dank Prison Changes.
  • All Updates and Server Announcements are made in Discord.
  • Elite Donator Ranks and higher can use #serverchat to send messages to Dank Prison Chat from Discord.

How to Verify

  • Join https://Discord.gg/DankPrison
  • Type /verify in minecraft while in Dank Prison to receive a verification code.
  • (Verications Codes are only good for a few minutes. Retype /verify for new code if your code doesn't work or has expired.)
  • Follow the Directions provided in /verify.
  • Paste Verification Code into #verification or #verify on Discord.
  • Welcome to Dank Prison Discord.

Still need help verifying? Check out Outnumberings Discord Verification Guide

How to Get Discord Role

  • Use /updaterole command ingame


Command Description
/discord Gives you discord join link
/verify Displays a verification code for verifying your discord with Server.
/unlink (Requires messaging DankGirl on Discord)
/updaterole Updates your Discord Role to your Current Donator Rank
/updatenick Updates your Discord Nickname to your Current In-game Name
/genotify Adds a Discord role allowing you to be notified when a Global Event is Triggered.
/genotify remove Removes Discord role for Global Event notifications /genotify
/s ds Adds Discord bot for sending a daily stats recap from the day before.