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Empty ShowCase.png
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Dank Prison utilizes a Custom ShowCase System created specifically for Dank Prison that is unlike any other server.

ShowCase Info

  • All Players start with an Empty ShowCase.
  • You must manually add Items to ShowCase.
  • Acceptable ShowCase items are Diamond Pickaxes, Relics, Diamond Swords, Diamond Armor Sets, Bows, and Fishing Rods.
  • You can use setting /s showcaseupdate to automatically update your pickaxe in your showcase when Enchanting.
  • For a player to be eligable for the /pwtop (pickaxe worth top) leaderboard, they must add a pickaxe to their showcase.

ShowCase Commands

Command Aliases Description
/showcase showoff Opens your ShowCase
/showcase <player> showoff Opens Specified Players ShowCase
/showcase add Adds your held item to your ShowCase
/playerworth <player> /pw Displays Pickaxes total Enchant Token Value worth of specified players Showcase Pickaxe