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Test Server

The Dank Prison Test server is a special server for Dank Ranks and above where you can test new features listed in #next-update in Discord before they go on Live Server.

Test Server Info

  • If you've purchased Dank Rank or above After Jan 27th 2021, you are automatically added to whitelist.
  • You can access Test Server at dankprison.dev or by using /dev while connected to Dank Prison(dankprison.com)

Test Server Commands

Test Server Requires Dank Donator Rank or Higher to Access!

Command Description
/soa Gives you Scrolls of Awakenings
/soaplus Gives you Scrolls of Awakening+
/sor Gives you Scrolls of Reversions
/soau Gives you Scrolls of Augmentations
/sorel Gives you Scroll of Relinquishment
/gmuc Gives you Augmentation Crystals
/gmk Gives you Knight Rank
/tmd Gives you TMD Pickaxe and Rod
/gmde Gives you Dragon Eggs
/gmr Gives you Relics
/gma Gives you Artifacts
/gmp Gives you Max Level Pets
/gmt Gives you Tokens
/gmg Gives you Gems
/gmc Gives you Crates
/gmd Gives you Dank Dust and Relic Dust
/gms Gives you Soul Stone
/gmo Gives you OverDrive Time
/gmgames Gives you Games
/gmmb Gives you Money Booster
/gmms Gives you max stats for achievements. Requires doing things like opening crates / mining to gain achievement points.
/gmmg Gives your Gang Max Stats
/gmps Gives you 50 Pet Stones