Pet Upgrade Stones

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Pet Upgrade Stones

  • Pet upgrade stones are used to upgrade your pets.
  • Upgrading pets using pet stones will not charge you any fee or Money for doing so.
  • All pets cost 1 upgrade stone to level up.
  • Regular Pet Upgrade Stones can be used on both Sellable and Unsellable Pets.
  • To view if you have any Pet Upgrade Stones you can type /stones

How to Obtain

Pet upgrade stones can be obtained by either salvaging your pet using the /petupgrade menu or the Server Store.

To do this, simply hold the pet you want to salvage and type /pu salvage, and then confirm your selection. Pet Upgrade Stones are not a physical item, but they can be used to upgrade pets.

  • Once you salvage a pet it can't be undone, so make sure it's the right thing that you want to do.

Unsellable Pet Upgrade Stones

These unsellable stones are obtained by salvaging an Unsellable pet.

Unsellable Pet Upgrade Stones are only useable on other Unsellable pets.

Pet Stone Commands

Command Aliases Description
/petupgrade /pu Opens the Pet Upgrade Menu
/pu salvage Allows you to salvage a pet without opening Pet Upgrade Menu.
/stones /petstones Displays your available Pet Stone amounts.