Fishing Quiz

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Fishing Quiz

Dank Prison utilizes a custom coded fishing quiz which randomly activates for everyone while fishing.

Don't be alarmed it is just a random check to ensure you aren't using any illegal modifications that you shouldn't be.

How to complete the quiz

When the quiz pops up on your screen take your time to complete it, the noise it makes may be annoying but you don't want to fail it.

There may be multiple wools of the same color make sure you read them and choose the correct one that is named Green Wool.

  • First of all hover over the piece of paper that shows in the gui.

  • Now just find the wool that matches the description of the paper. For this instance, Green Wool.

Failing the Quiz


Failing the quiz isn't much of a problem, the problem comes if you fail it more than 2 times.

If you are to fail the quiz 2 times you will be unable to fish for 30 minutes

Logging out of the server with the quiz active also gives you a 15 minute ban from fishing.