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If you have extra gear that you don't need, you can salvage it to get some tokens.

AutoSalvage Settings for /as - You can now select which crates get AutoSalvaged when manually opening Crates. These settings have no effect on CBP or CrateOpener.


Command Alias Use
/salvage Salvages the item in your hand
/salvage all /sa Salvages everything in your inventory
/autosalvage /as Toggles Auto Salvage
/ce unsalvageable Enchants the item with Unsalvageable so it can't be salvaged

Salvage Values

Caption text
Item Tokens received
Common 10
Uncommon 25
Rare 75
UltraRare 150
Legendary 250
UltraLegendary 500
Pure 1,000
UltraPure 1,500
Dank 5,000
UltraDank 10,000
OG 25,000
UltraOG 50,000
MasterOG 100,000
Immortal 250,000
The Dankest 1,000,000
Event 25,000