Auto Rankup

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Auto Rankup

Dank Prison uses a custom Ranking system.


  • Auto Rankup Requires Champion Rank to use as it utilizes RandomRankup, and RandomPrestige Enchants.

Auto Rankup Info

  • Auto Rankup allows you to set commands that will execute when a certain trigger happens.

Auto Rankup Settings Info

  • There's 2 sets of Triggers you can set.
  • Set 1 When RandomRankup Enchant triggers a Prestige
  • Set 2 When RandomRankup or RandomPrestige Enchant triggers a Master


Command Description
/ar Opens the Auto Rankup Settings Menu
/ar prestige <B-Z> Allows you to enter the rank you want the Trigger to Execute IE (/ar prestige Y)
/ar master <amount> Allows you to enter the amount of rankups you want MaxRankup to execute on Trigger IE (/mr 4250) for 4250 rankups
/ar master <amount> money Allows you to enter the amount of money you want MaxRankup to use on Trigger IE (/mr 99999999) for using 99,999,999 money